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Chorki Getting Massive Response In Its First Year

Chorki Getting Massive Response In Its First Year
Photo Courtesy: Chorki Facebook Page

A Bangladeshi subscription-based over-the-top media service and original programming production company, Chorki, was launched on 12 July 2021 when the country passed through hard times due to the outbreak of COVID-19. It turned one year old. It has entered its second year with pride. Overcoming various barriers, Chorki is now a household name among Bengali-speaking audiences. The article contains Chorki Getting Massive Response In Its First Year.

What’s more, Chorki has set a new record in the entertainment arena of the country. To date, it has released more than 50 original contents. In addition, Chorki has launched a new category with movies and series, known as ‘Flick’. However, the significant achievement at this point is achieving people’s trust in a short time. Thousand contributions, including ‘Shaaticup’, ‘Nikhoj’, ‘Flick’, and ‘Happy Birthday’ have drawn a great response from the audience. 

Besides, some actors and actresses have come into the limelight through this platform. Chorki has brought innovation to the local content. Works like ‘Unoloukik’, ‘Khanchar Vetor Achin Pakhi’, ‘Morichika’, ‘Tithir Ashukh’, ‘Taan’, ‘Redrum’, ‘Gunin’ and ‘Pet Kata Sha’ have been highly praised and appreciated by the audience. Also, Chorki released foreign language movies and TV series dubbed in Bengali. With this, the audience got the opportunity to enjoy several movies, including ‘Weightlifting Fairy’, ‘Luka’, ‘Pig Jane’, and ‘Kingslayer’ in Bengali.

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