Home Press Release Connecting ACCAs in UAE: When Passion Leads to Progress, Inspiring Globally

Connecting ACCAs in UAE: When Passion Leads to Progress, Inspiring Globally

Connecting ACCAs in UAE

When there is a will, there is a way. This timeless saying couldn’t be more relevant to the story of how Muhammad Kalim, a passionate fellow member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in the UAE took the reins and initiated the journey of “ACCA Sportsmasters Community”, a vibrant community of professionals who not only shared knowledge and experiences but also extended a helping hand in the challenging world of job hunting.

The world of finance and accounting is a dynamic one, and staying relevant and competitive requires continuous learning and networking. ACCA members, spread across the globe, often face the same dilemmas – how to keep growing professionally, share knowledge, and land that dream job. It was in this quest for solutions that this extraordinary initiative took shape.

A Vision Takes Root

It all started with a vision, a burning desire to bridge the gap between ACCA professionals in the UAE. The founder of this initiative, Muhammad Kalim believed that by bringing ACCA members together, they could create a thriving community where knowledge and experiences could be freely exchanged. The idea was simple yet powerful: when ACCAs unite, incredible things can happen.

What started as a single spark soon ignited into a blazing fire of community building and professional growth, thanks to the passionate individuals, Talha Ahmed, Raheel Ali, Abid Shahid, Aqeel Ahmed, Sobia Sultan, and Sehrish Iqbal, who joined him on this remarkable journey.

Building a Strong Foundation

With a handful of enthusiastic ACCA members, this visionary individual began laying the foundation of this unique community. Meetings were held, ideas were exchanged, and a sense of purpose was cultivated. The group quickly realized that their combined skills and experiences were not just an asset to each other but could also play a significant role in the professional growth of the entire community.

Learning Together

One of the core principles of this initiative was continuous learning. Regular workshops and seminars became the order of the day. These events covered a wide range of topics, from the latest accounting standards to emerging financial technologies. The goal was clear: to ensure that every member had access to the knowledge required to excel in their careers.

Sharing Experiences

ACCA professionals are known for their diverse career paths, and this community capitalized on that diversity. Members were encouraged to share their professional experiences, from the challenges they had overcome to the triumphs they had celebrated. These shared experiences served as a source of inspiration for others and reinforced the idea that they were all in this journey together.

Helping Hand in Job Hunts

One of the most daunting aspects of any professional’s life is the job hunt. The UAE, despite its bustling economy, can be a competitive job market. This community recognized that and went the extra mile. Members actively shared job postings, offered resume tips, conducted mock interviews, and even referred each other to job openings. They truly became each other’s greatest allies in the pursuit of career success.

Support from ACCA Officials

Fazeela Goplani, Head of ACCA Middle East, and other ACCA officials recognized the significance of this initiative and offered their support. Their encouragement and support played a pivotal role in ensuring the initiative’s success and growth.

Inspiring Globally

Now, this ACCA community is not just inspiring ACCAs in the UAE but reaching out globally. Their passion, determination, and unwavering commitment to each other’s success have served as a beacon of hope and inspiration to ACCAs across the world.

Two Years of Success

As they approach their 2nd anniversary of this remarkable ACCA Sportsmasters Community, on 22nd September 2023, the leadership team can look back with pride at the countless achievements they have accomplished. In these two years, they have organized over 200 events, including cricket leagues, badminton, table tennis, and snooker tournaments. They have not only fostered professional development but also indulged in sports, representing ACCA at various platforms.

A Helping Hand

During these two years, this community has been instrumental in helping more than 400 ACCAs land jobs, proving that their commitment to each other goes beyond just sharing knowledge.

Toastmasters Club

To further enhance their members’ skills, this community launched SM PROs Toastmasters club. The Toastmasters club provided a platform for members to develop their communication skills, and it didn’t stop there. This club, with its dedication and passion, represented itself at Area and District level competitions, showcasing their commitment to self-improvement and growth.


In the end, it’s not just about what you know but who you know and how you grow together. Muhammad Kalim and his dedicated team, along with the support of Fazeela Goplani, Nauman Mian, Saad Maniar, Omer Zaheer, Raqibul Faiaze and other ACCA officials, have demonstrated that with unwavering passion and determination, you can create a supportive ecosystem that not only benefits its members but also becomes an inspiration for ACCAs worldwide. As they celebrate their 2nd anniversary, they look back at their journey with pride, and undoubtedly, their future is filled with even greater accomplishments and milestones also looking forward to a future filled with even greater accomplishments, all achieved together as a united ACCA community.


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