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Email Greetings and Body Organization

Let’s begin with the answer keys for the subject line writing tasks of the last issue (Click here for the Previous Article). The brevity, as well as Keyword and Action word combination, were two fundamental rules for email subject lines:
a. Meeting time required
joining letter submission
b. Meeting updates needed
c. Flyer feedback required
d. Project progress update
e. Reunion on March 27
Hope this helps.
Now that subject line and salutation are done (in last two issues), now is the time to go into more details. Let’s prepare the main body of the email. Generally, the first paragraph often comes with greetings such as “I hope this email finds you well” or “I hope you are fine”. However, it is not necessary when there is a string of frequent emails with the same person or if it is a very short email.
There is usually three paragraph model in a standard email. Along with the greeting, the first paragraph mentions the subject matter of the mail in one or two sentences. Some common expressions for this are “I am writing in connection with the costing analysis of July 2018 or With reference to your letter dated 16 August 2018, I would like to inform you that…………… or “Regarding participation in the Thai Business Fair 2018, [topic in noun phrase], I am confirming one stall. [subject+verb]. In addition, the following are common:
I would like to inform you that ………….[subject+verb] · Sometimes, the first paragraph starts with Thanks such as “Thank you very much for your email  dated 06 August 2018.” · Thank you very much for your email about ………………/your interest about admission……………/query regarding varsity tuition fees.
For emails after a phone discussion or personal meeting on a business topic, we can use the following –
  • With reference to what we discussed earlier, we are ready to provide you with all the logistics you need. [subject+verb].
  • Further to our previous discussion, I prepared the report and attached herewith. [subject+verb
  • With regard to our last discussion, our next session will be held on 16 August [subject+verb]
[email protected]
When attachments used, we mention them in the body of the email. The common sentences are:
Please see the report attached herewith
I have the pleasure in attaching the details of …………..…[topic in noun phrase
I attached some information which I hope you find useful.
I attached our brochure herewith and look forward to hearing from you.
And some of the same kind of commentary.


For emails for information from the other end, the following can be used:
  • Can you please tell me /inform me [what you need]
  • Would/Could you please send me/us/let us know the details of [what you need
  • Please send me [what you need
  • I would also appreciate if you please _____________(verb) us any discount.
  • I need …………… [what you need]
Next issue will discuss the ending of an email.


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