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Hello 23: Ziauddin Chowdhury

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Ushering in A New Year: How Xiaomi Bangladesh Sees 2023

With 2022 coming to an end, it is time that we reflect on an eventful year that has gone by and start thinking about our plans heading into 2023. Leading Xiaomi Bangladesh as its Country Manager, life has been quite exciting, despite all the challenges that we have faced over the years. The highlight of 2022 was the strong footprint of Xiaomi’s local factory operation and becoming the number one smartphone brand in the country.

Given how remarkable 2022 has been, 2023 promises to deliver even more. With that in mind, I have penned down some resolutions to ensure that Xiaomi Bangladesh grows further in the forthcoming year.

  • Continuation of Industry Leadership

According to Counterpoint, Xiaomi became the no.1 smartphone brand in Bangladesh in Q2 2022. Despite sluggish growth projection in the overall smartphone industry in 2023, we shall focus on maintaining industry leadership with improving retail and exclusive store satisfaction. Moreover, we want to engage with our existing 5 million MIUI users at every touchpoint through leveraging CRM analytics. In addition, Xiaomi Bangladesh will do more engaging and perception changing brand campaigns relating to Redmi Note and Redmi lineup. With these initiatives, we want to consolidate our position as a leading smartphone brand in the country in the upcoming year and lead the way in the digital revolution of the country.

  • Empowering ‘Smart Bangladesh’ Initiatives

Xiaomi is an internet company with smartphones and smart hardware that are connected by an Internet of Things (IoT) platform at its core. Therefore, we want to build a smart eco-system with the help of our IOT devices in line with the government’s ‘Smart Bangladesh’ goal. Besides, we want to create more tech job opportunities for the youth of our country. Moreover, Xiaomi Bangladesh wants to ensure that more FDI makes its way into the country as we progress towards producing more than 3 million units of smartphones annually.

  • Ensuring Sustainable Business Growth

Amid global economic uncertainty, it is now vital to ensure the business sustainability. I think that most brands will emphasis more on managing the macroeconomic factors such as Russia-Ukraine war, soaring dollar, and inflation. Being a global company, Xiaomi Bangladesh will focus more on building capacity to face the challenges around macroeconomic headwinds. We also want to bring more efficiency in our overall operations in a bid to ensure sustainable business growth.  

  • Strengthening Xiaomi Community

Xiaomi works on a ‘Fan first’ approach. We have a huge global community of passionate users who are intensely loyal to the Xiaomi brand, and actively contribute to the company’s product development. In Bangladesh, we have now around 5.5 lakh-registered users. To engage Xiaomi fans in Bangladesh, we want to organise various online and offline activities such as various contests, platforms for sharing of experiences via posts and fan meets etc.

  •  Personal Goal

While it is necessary to keep a checklist for attaining professional goals, it is important to make time for the most crucial things in life. For me, it’s family. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my lovely daughters. And so, as a father, I try my best to ensure that they have a role model to look up to as they grow up.

Let us embrace 2023 with happiness and prosperity. I wish all the readers a Happy New Year!

Ziauddin Chowdhury
Country Manager
Xiaomi Bangladesh


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