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Hello 23: Mr. Golam Awlia

Mr. Golam Awlia - The InCAP

The year 2022 was a landmark year for Bangladesh as we celebrated 51 years of our Independence. This historical moment converges with the great achievement of the country’s economic and social progress. We have graduated from LDC and now on the path of becoming a middle-income country. Over the last five decades, the banking sector has grown and evolved and contributed significantly to the country’s economic development.

In the year 2023, I hope that the banking sector will continue its efforts to support the entrepreneurs and business community to rebuild the economy. We are committed to implementing the second phase of government stimulus packages to help the clients to absorb the shock of the pandemic. Along with the large manufacturing and service sector clients, we will provide much-needed support to the CMSME and agricultural sectors. We will also continue providing microcredit loans to the marginal levels people across the country.

To become a peerless bank in terms of providing efficient & innovative banking services, safeguarding depositor’s interests, fulfilling shareholder’s desires, supporting the economic growth of the country with particular attention to channelize regular inflow of foreign remittance of Bangladeshi expatriates working abroad, and also the inflow of idle and less remunerative fund held with wealthy NRBs.

The year 2023 marks the beginning of the post-golden jubilee era for our country. We will work with a firm commitment to making banking and financial services more affordable and accessible to all sections of people. I strongly believe that this goal can be achieved through digital transformation, automation, and innovation. In this new era, inclusive and sustainable banking will play a key role in building a developed and inclusive economy in our country, which NRBC Bank is doing since the begging of its journey in 2013.

With this spirit and optimism, I wish Happy New Year 2023 to all!

Mr. Golam Awlia
Managing Director & CEO
NRB Commercial Bank Limited

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