Home Press Release Indulge Yourself in Turkish Theme Nights @ Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden!

Indulge Yourself in Turkish Theme Nights @ Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden!

Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden is all set to bring ‘Turkish Theme Night’ featuring a mouth-watering Turkish specialties to pamper everyone’ palates on their dinner tables. This scrumptious dinner buffet begins from 11th May to 16th June 2023, on every Thursday and Friday, starting from 1830 hours to 2300 hours, to be held at the signature restaurant Water Garden Brasserie.

Guests will be serenaded with the scents and essences of Turkish cuisine indulging families, friends and relatives to enjoy delightful treats with sophistication and warmth in a contemporary ambience.

Diners can choose from the colourful salad station showcasing Cucumber Yogurt Salad, Tomato Cucumber Olive Salad, Garlic Fry Eggplant Salad and soups such as Sea Food & Okra Soup, Clear Vegetable Soup and a few more variety of soups. The kebabs come in a variety of lamb, beef, and chicken like Turkish Chicken Kebab, Adana Kebab, Doner Kebab, Chicken Urfa Kebab, and the list goes on and on!

The most striking part when tasting the kebabs, is the subtle yet significant difference in each of their flavors, which is perfect for all food connoisseurs, leaving a lasting impression on all who taste it.

This delectable cuisine has delicious live cooking stations lead by well-trained chefs of Radisson Blu Dhaka, showing off their culinary skills where patrons shall be enlightened to taste Turkish-Style Roasted Beef Leg, Falafel Sandwich and lots more to choose from. A slew of favorites representing some lovely, appetizing delicacies from Oriental Main dishes such as Turkish Vermicelli & Chickpeas Rice, Turkish Steam Fish (Eksilli Palamut), Beef Stew & Eggplant Mash and many more items!

Additionally, the food-lovers will have a good headache to choose from the exquisite dessert section having the likes of Turkish Baklava, Turkish Kunafa, Turkish Delights, Turkish Tulumba, Lukman, just to name a few!

The price of this dinner buffet is BDT 4250++ per person and BDT 2150++ for child. Patrons will be pleased to get the privilege of “Buy One Get One Free” offers available on selected bank cards.

With the presence of so many splendid Turkish delicacies in a nice, elegant and comfortable setting, respective guests will have their pennies’ worth in exchange of a price that will not put a dent on their wallets. Once you get a taste of these sumptuous dishes, you will not be looking anywhere else for the flavours of Turkey!

All prices are subjected to 15% VAT and 12.5% Service Charge.

For dining reservations, please call 01730089130, 01313030307.


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