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Investigation Started Against Former PM Imran Khan

Investigation Started Against Former PM Imran Khan
Photo Courtesy: CNN

Pakistan’s police have started an investigation against Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan under the Anti-Terrorism Act. He has been charged with threatening the police and the judiciary. This incident created tension in the country. Thousands of supporters stood outside Imran’s house. They have announced they will take control of everything if Imran Khan is arrested. So, the article is about Investigation Started Against Imran Khan.

Police alleged that Imran Khan had threatened a political rally last Saturday. After losing power last April 2022, Mr. Imran, who joined politics from cricket, has become a harsh critic of the Pakistani government and army. He alleged that the police tortured a close aide during the recent rally on August 20, 2022. After that, the police started an investigation against him.

Mr. Imran’s associate was arrested on charges of incitement. For this reason, he condemned the police chief of Islamabad and a woman judge in a public meeting on the day. Addressing the two officers, they said, “Be ready! We will also take action against you.”

In August 2022, Pakistan’s media regulatory body announced that domestic television channels will not be able to broadcast Imran Khan’s speech directly because there is hate speech against state institutions. In another rally in Rawalpindi on August 21, Mr. Imran condemned the announcement. He claimed that the government was trying to impose censorship on him.

Police investigators say Imran Khan violated anti-terrorism laws by making threats against state officials. Thousands of supporters gathered in front of Imran Khan’s Islamabad home after hearing the news of the police investigation. However, the present policemen said they were not there to arrest the former Prime Minister but to maintain law and order.

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