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Australian Federal Court Fined Google $42.7mn For Deceiving Users

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Australia’s Federal Court has sentenced Google for US$ 42.7 million on accounts of misleading users and collecting personal location history without proper consent. As per a recent report, Google was charged with composing personal location data via several users’ Android smartphones from January 2017 to December 2018. The article is about Australian Federal Court Fined Google $42.7mn For Deceiving Users.

The court noted that Google misled users into believing that the location history setting was the only way Google could gather local data from users. However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) claimed that smartphone features that monitor browsing activity and application usage also collect user location data. It predicts that about 1.3 million Australian Google account owners were affected this way. 

In 2018, Google reportedly sent ACCC an email stating that location data was simple and easy to understand, banishing the matter as resolved. This led to ACCC filing proceedings against Google in October 2019. Reports said that over the past year, Google had been involved in other legal matters in Australia, including a recent law that created Google and Facebook to pay media companies to run content on their platforms. 

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