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Is Rishi Sunak Losing?

The Resignation Letters by Rishi Sunak Released
Photo Courtesy: Reuters

Liz Truss led Ex UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak by 32 points in the last survey of UK Tory members by the ConservativeHome website, expressing she remained on track to achieve the race to succeed Mr. Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Now, the question may arise, Is Rishi Sunak Losing?

About 60% of the 961 Tory members polled by the influential website told they favored Ms. Truss for becoming the Conservative Party’s new leader of UK, while just 28% backed Sunak, ConservativeHome said. The result is almost similar to the last ConservativeHome poll of Tory members on Aug. 4, when Ms. Truss also delighted a 32-point lead.

She has delighted large leads over Mr. Sunak in a succession of polls. And also surveys since the contest was narrowed down to two candidates from July 2022. With Mr. Sunak disclosing little sign of making inroads, Ms. Truss is the favorite to become the party’s and the country’s next leader. However, the result is due on Sept. 5, 2022 with the winner taking over from Johnson the following day.

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