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Lebanon President Resigned

Lebanon President Resigned - theincap
Photo: Reuters

Lebanese President Michel Aoun has resigned. He has been leading the country with a firm hand despite the ongoing financial crisis in the country and the deadly explosion at the port of Beirut. He also left the presidential palace after resigning on October 30. So, Lebanon President Resigned.

Even with the resignation of President Aoun, Lebanon cannot easily overcome the status of a failed state. At the outset, Lebanon’s parliament has yet to agree on a successor to replace him. Constitutionally, Lebanon’s president has the power to sign a bill into law, appoint a new prime minister and give the green signal to a party to form a government. An interim cabinet has ruled Lebanon for over half of President Aoun’s tenure. This cabinet was trying to form the government in the country for six months.

According to a Reuters report, Lebanon was divided entirely over Aoun. Many Christians like him because Christians see Aoun as their protector in Lebanon’s sectarian system. But critics say he has fueled corruption and helped the militant Hezbollah expand. Mr. Aoun assumed the presidency of Lebanon in 2016. At the time, he was appointed to the post as part of an agreement between the armed group Hezbollah and rival Maronite Christian politician Samir Gegha.

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