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Mercedes-Benz Recalled Nearly 1 Million Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Recalled Nearly 1 Million Vehicles
Photo Source: Mercedes-Benz

Germany’s leading carmaker Mercedes-Benz has decided to recall about 1 million older models due to brake problems. They have decided to remove the car considering the buyers’ various risks due to the braking system’s defect. Mercedes-Benz said that there was a risk of an accident due to errors with the brake boosters of those vehicles. Considering the buyers’ safety, the cars with problems are being removed. They have already started talking to the car owners, they said. The article contains Mercedes-Benz Recalled Nearly 1 Million Vehicles.

Potentially damaged vehicles will be inspected. The car company is looking at the results of this audit. Necessary parts will be added to it after getting the result. They urge buyers not to drive Mercedes-related models until the test is over. Mercedes is recalling cars from 993,000 buyers worldwide, of which about 70,000 are from Germany. These include the ML, GL, and R-Class luxury minivans of the SUV series built between 2004 and 2015.

Earlier in February, Mercedes-Benz recalled 1 million vehicles due to a fault in the e-call emergency system. An e-call emergency system identifies the location of a vehicle involved in an accident. It also signals emergency services. Due to a problem with the e-call feature, the car would give the wrong location and signal, which is why Mercedes removed the faulty vehicles.

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