Home Press Release Motaz Azaiza Crowned 2023 ‘Man of the Year’

Motaz Azaiza Crowned 2023 ‘Man of the Year’

Motaz Azaiza Crowned 2023 'Man of the Year'

In a groundbreaking departure from traditional categorizations, GQ Middle East proudly announces Motaz Azaiza as the sole honoree for the coveted ‘Man of the Year’ title for 2023. This decision underscores a deliberate shift towards recognizing impactful change agents who have significantly influenced our region and the global community.

Motaz Azaiza, a Palestinian photojournalist, emerged as a symbol of resilience and hope amid adversity, capturing the attention and hearts of millions worldwide. His journey from a modest Instagram following to a global sensation in just a few weeks exemplifies the transformative power of digital activism and the ability of an individual to galvanize collective consciousness.

Azaiza’s lens has become a powerful window into the lived experiences of the people of Gaza, echoing the sentiment that bravery manifests in diverse forms, often emerging not as a choice but as a necessity. His compelling narrative has inspired a movement, urging viewers to embrace boldness in the face of opposition.

In extending this prestigious accolade, the GQ Middle East team acknowledges Motaz Azaiza’s extraordinary contributions and dedicates this honor to all fearless individuals, including Plestia Alaqad, Hind Khoudary, Wael Al-Dahdouh, Issam Abdallah, Shireen Abu Akleh, and countless others, known and unknown, who embody unyielding courage.

This year’s decision to eliminate traditional categories emphasizes the uniqueness of Azaiza’s impact. His recognition amplifies the belief that ordinary people, irrespective of their background, possess the innate power to drive the change they wish to witness in the world.

As Motaz Azaiza continues to bravely advocate for truth and justice, The InCAP extends sincere prayers for his safety and the well-being of those in his proximity.


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