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New Year Greetings From ACI | M. Anis Ud Dowla


Hello ’21!

I am happy to learn that The InCAP, a reputed international business magazine, is going to publish an especial edition in the New Year, which is exclusively designed for Bangladesh.

I look forward to this edition of the magazine, which will convey to the readers the goodwill of the business people of Bangladesh towards their fellow businessmen around the globe.

Last year had been one of uncertainty and concern of the magnitude of the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world. With its limited resources, Bangladesh has handled the situation relatively well so far compared to its neighbors and countries of similar socioeconomic status.

The threat of a new variant of the virus is a formidable challenge that is to be faced together by the humanity with fortitude and mutual cooperation. We must not give up hope and face the new challenge with courage and endurance.

The economic consequence of the pandemic and its impact on employment and livelihood must be faced together. We, as one humanity and one world, may successfully overcome this universal virus pandemic.

Bangladesh has ambitious plans for its economic development, and we devote our energy towards reaching the Millennial goals.

The business community of Bangladesh extends its hands and cooperation to foreign direct investments for which the government has a long list of incentives and facilities which are unique and attractive. In Bangladesh, FDI is welcome.

On behalf of the business community of Bangladesh, I extend greetings to the business fraternity and the people of the rest of the world and pray for their peace, prosperity, and happiness in the New Year.

I thank The InCAP for publishing this edition focusing on Bangladesh.

M. Anis Ud Dowla
ACI Limited

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