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Over 1,000 Female Employed in Emirates Group

Emirates Invested Over $2bn to Enhance On-board Experience 
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Emirati women in the Emirates Group, comprising Emirates Airlines and other concerns, illustrate a workforce of 1,000 plus professionals in several roles around more than 30 departments. The article contains Over 1,000 Female Employed in Emirates Group. From pilots and engineers who work with the world’s largest commercial aircraft to IT professionals, service ambassadors, marketing and data experts, commercial services, and many more, these skilled and passionate Emirati women are vital contributors to the Group, and to the aviation and travel industries’ success and growth. So, Over 1,000 Female Employed in Emirates Group.

As part of the Emiratisation strategy and long-lasting statement to developing Emirati talent, the Emirates Group has partnered with INSEAD, one of the most prominent business schools in the world, to offer its Emirati Senior Executives a chance to enroll in the Women Leaders Programme. The four-day programme will bring female Emirati leaders on a peer learning journey with women leaders from other worldwide organizations. It aspires to provide participants with broader perspectives on the global workplace, marketplace, and leadership challenges and the insights, tools, and networks to increase their leadership impact and contribution to the business and the broader professional community.

Reflecting the UAE’s robust educational policies and the Group’s commitment and efforts to enhance Emirati talent and skill in their careers, over half of the Emirati women at the Emirates Group are now employed in supervisory, managerial, or leadership positions.

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