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Russia Passes Fake News, Blocking Facebook

Russia Passes Fake News

After new legislation punishing “fake news” raised the stakes in Moscow’s war with international corporations, Russia said it would block Facebook for excluding state media, and CNN indicated it would stop airing in Russia. Russia Passes Fake News, Blocking Facebook.

The 4th of March was a significant step forward in the conflict that erupted following the invasion of Ukraine. As a result, Russia has barred a slew of media businesses, and a slew of new, huge names, including Microsoft Corp. and video game producer Electronic Arts Inc., have said that they will no longer sell in Russia. Russia said it was blocking Meta Platforms Inc’s Facebook for banning state-backed broadcasters, as well as the BBC, Deutsche Welle, and Voice of America’s websites for spreading incorrect information on the Ukraine conflict.

According to Russian media, Twitter will also be prohibited. Following the introduction of a new rule that may result in jail time for anyone discovered propagating “false” news on purpose, the media source announced that it would temporarily stop its operations in Russia. According to a spokeswoman, CNN, owned by AT&T Inc., has halted broadcasts to “assess the situation and our next measures moving forward,” according to a spokeswoman.

Nick Clegg, Meta’s head of worldwide relations, stated that the company would do everything possible to restore its services. “Millions of ordinary Russians will soon be cut off from credible information, robbed of their everyday ways of communicating with family and friends, and silenced from speaking up,” he stated in a Twitter message.

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