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Seminar On Unleashing Potential Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities In Freelancing By BUFT


A great seminar on unleashing your potential and exploring lucrative career opportunities in freelancing was conducted with the combined strength of BUFT Business Club & ShikbeShobai “শিখবে সবাই” on BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT) premises on the day of June 21, 2023. Our keynote speaker of the day was Faisal Hamid Hemel (Co-founder tech head, shikbeshobai) and a special guest from BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology’s Pro Vice-Chancellor Dr. Engr. Ayub Nabi Khan. Also 3 guests from Department of Business Administration’s distinguished professor and Dean of Business Administration, Prof. Md. Muinuddin Khan sir, Head of the Business Administration Department and associate professor Dr. kamrul hasan sir and finally advisor lecturer, Sheikh Mohammad Imran, sir. The program was inaugurated by the President of BUFT Business Club Md. Masum Billah. As we started our seminar with a great speech by Faisal Hamid Hemel sir describing concept of freelancing and highlighting its advantages such as flexibility, autonomy, and potential for higher income. Attendees were encouraged to identify their unique abilities and interests to help them choose a freelancing niche that aligns with their passion. Speakers discussed how to build a great online presence through excellent branding, generating a strong portfolio, and building a credible website. They talked about the value of networking, developing customer relationships, and the contribution of referrals to growing a freelance business. A seasoned freelancer Faisal Hamid Hemel sir discussed comprising success stories, obstacles overcome, and insightful commentary marked the seminar’s conclusion. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions, seek guidance, and gain practical insights. Throughout the seminar, attendees were encouraged to have a growth mentality, embrace difficulties, and play to their strengths throughout the session. Additionally, they received information, references and many more future benefits from both BUFT Business Club and ShikbeShobai শিখবে সবাই to help them further explore and seek a freelance career. Overall, the goal of the seminar “Unleashing Your Potential: Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities in Freelancing” was to give attendees the information, inspiration, and useful tools they would need to start a successful freelance career. Participants were given the tools they needed to realize their full potential, seize money-making chances, and launch successful freelance careers.


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