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The Taste of Freedom

The Taste of Freedom

Freedom is an obscure concept. The derisive presence in the pertinence of having the so-called barriers set aside to manifest barriers have been demonstrated to be a compelling case. From every aspect and every corner, the modern sense of freedom has truly redefined perspective Psychological Warfare and has become an entity in itself.

The intrinsic strain that reduces the clarity with which we perceive the synergy with the individuals and the environment has led to modern hypotheses regarding how to conduct oneself to slander against the backdrop of the truth. The perfect amalgam of emancipation in economic terms and the feeling of being free in every sense to have obtained the mind of philosophers and scientists alike since the inception of multiple cultural, social and scientific revolutions that have taken place over thousands of years before now.

Freedom in its criterion and its entirety in concept helps us grasp how we perceive not a collective reality but the criteria of downsizing the predictable reality have always taken the back seat. In its face, every little bit will be written to de-synthesize the imbued creation and through actualism in existence, everything else falls into place.

The facto continues in its place and never becomes the de facto-actions which is done without provision from the hands of laws and government-and similarly helps us grasp the truth without even seeing it. The most reliable of the methods to signify freedom in terms of cultural growth has put us above the hard-standing societal notions that often become the barriers as mentioned above.

The main goal then becomes to gather the seminal linguists to take the power of the feeling of being overwhelmed by the might of the expected egalitarian view to help us move toward the goal of being free and freed from the shackles of the modern society’s shameless nature to downsize the human potential.

Yet, there are ways the human mind finds its place of restless ambiguity, something which immeasurably signifies the importance of cultural effect on the mind that an individual has right from the start and the finish, and this way we have prepared the agenda of the human constitution.

For many years, maybe decades, the way people perceived reality and ordinary life has gained the popular vote in support of its regenerative mechanism: The human civilization is moving forward amidst countless and multiple problems but in face of absolute truth, the concept of freedom and what it can do to help uplift the human endeavor has put us in a place from which there is no return-in a good sense and benefited millions if not billions out of scarcity.

Now moving ahead, there will spike in the street and the job of human beings as the most commanding unit of organism on the planet must identify this to help develop the societal shape. Pricks are something that is not new, it is a total obliteration of man-made laws and the suffering caused by bending the laws of nature. Some things are told and there are simultaneously things untold but yet recognized and are continually receiving a nod of appreciation.

The things that are told are the ones that are essential to the very survival, the very being of human existence and the things which are untold but yet important and are the supplements of the things told. But eventually, everything is revealed and some of the biggest prophecies have been that of the prophecies of the monotheistic religion.

Things from the scriptures have proven to be correct and many are in a state of pending and others require validity that is outside the control of the human mind. But now we have reached the modern-day exodus and to make it a viable and transparent form of guidance to relieve failure, what we have is profound deliberation of the mind.

But before we begin to delve into the oppositely running parallel and coincidental events taking place, we have yet to comprehend out the real picture. The gloomy forecast should not emphasize the ability of a human mind to foresee the unseen and to regurgitate the past to have the solutions of the future at hand.

Again the question arises, should I take the step which no one ever
has taken and will I be held liable if something goes wrong? This basic question brings up the same old problems which our ancestor of the entire human civilization has faced and its continual rebirth and reiteration have put us in a very uncomfortable situation.

The real potential of the human mind is when it is free. Freedom from societal notions and implications gives way to the true potential that a human mind is capable of meeting the promise of the ultimate truth: Forces that govern and shape who we are. Morning glory and its aftermath will be studied with subtle profusion and meeting the target will become the preliminary concern. To meet the practicality of all of this at first the insinuation and rhetoric must be understood.

The measures are certainly very difficult as we must prove almost everything with scientific validity but some things that are out of science puts us at arm’s length of justified truth. Now more than ever, human civilization is in a time where continued deliberation about ill-pronounced significant things take the stage and we as a race and culture are continually missing on some of the most important duties that there are to perform.

Start with religion and end with science, if this can be done then everything else can be done. To ponder and strictly affect the disturbances all around us we shall not ponder but act, acts in worship, acts in valor but the true form of dedication will ,take place when we see emancipation in complete freedom and by this, we reach the apex of the pyramid of the world.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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