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Uber Bangladesh Launched New Features For Drivers

Uber Contributed BDT 45bn to Bangladesh's Economy 
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Uber Bangladesh has set to roll out new updates that will add a few much-awaited features to the Uber Driver app. In a notification, Uber has revealed that drivers can now see the ride destination and payment modes before choosing to accept a ride. In addition, Uber announced that more ‘incentives’ and ‘offers’ are on their way in the coming days. The article is about Uber Bangladesh Launched New Features For Drivers.

For many local Uber users, ride cancellations have been a long-time complaint against Uber drivers. On the other hand, drivers complained that the inability to see destinations and payment modes before accepting a ride was inconvenient, leading to frequent cancellations. 

Uber has been transforming the mobility landscape of Bangladesh since its launch in 2016, during which it has served more than 4 million riders and created livelihood opportunities for over 175,000 driver partners. As Bangladesh aims to transition from an LDC (Least Developed Country) and receive official Developing Country status by 2024, Uber remains committed to Bangladesh’s socio-economic growth by creating livelihood opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis. 

As the first ridesharing company to commence operations in Bangladesh, Uber has dedicated its technology to innovating and integrating products that match the pulse of Bangladesh and power smart, efficient, and safe mobility in the country. 

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