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Gree Recognized Best Air Conditioner in The World

Gree Recognized Best Air Conditioner In The World
Photo Courtesy: GREE Cyprus

Gree AC is recognized as the world’s number one air conditioner brand. Recently, Euromonitor International named Gree Air Conditioner as the best brand for 2021. The recognition is based on four key indicators: business intelligence, market analysis, retail sales volume, and consumer insight of air conditioning products marketed globally. The article contains Gree Recognized Best Air Conditioner In The World.

Electromart, the country’s leading electronics manufacturing and marketing group has been marketing Gree AC for over 25 years. The current market share of Gree Air Conditioner is 60 percent. In addition, Electromart Group has produced, supplied, and marketed new series of air conditioners with advanced technology and environment friendly in the country. As a result, over 100 series of Gree brand air conditioners are available everywhere in the country, including all sales and display centers, retail showrooms, and partner showrooms.

Notably, Gree AC has built-in inverter technology and is environment friendly. Gree AC has a Biological Filter, Catechin Filter, Silver Iron Filter, and Klosma Air Purification Technology capable of completely purifying indoor air. I-Fill technology can adjust room and body temperature and thus save energy. Gree AC has Ideal Temperature Adjustment technology, which automatically adjusts the room temperature to the environment. Gree AC saves up to 70 percent power thanks to the world’s first boost inverter compressor. Gree AC Nano Technology Compressor technology is rich. The T-3 can reduce airflow to a minimum of 8 degrees Celsius in walking conditions, providing ultimate cooling and a comfortable position. In just 1 minute, Gree AC can reduce the temperature from 27 degrees Celsius inside and 35 degrees Celsius outside to 8 degrees Celsius. In addition, Gree AC can operate at an outdoor temperature of 68 degrees Celsius. Double Air Louver technology cools every corner of the room at a distance of 13 meters. Gree AC also features 3-D Air Flow technology with a swing function, which circulates air around the room.

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