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Wikipedia Fined USD 32,000 Over Ukraine Content

Wikipedia Fined USD 32,000 Over Ukraine Content
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On November 1, 2022, a Russian court fined Wikipedia owner $32,600 over articles related to Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine. A Moscow-based group that supports projects by Wikipedia’s owner Wikimedia said Moscow’s Tagansky district court fined it for refusing to remove two articles related to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. So the article is about Wikipedia Fined USD 32,000 Over Ukraine Content.

Vladimir Medeiko, Director of Moscow-based Wikimedia RU, informed the ruling would be appealed, adding that no one will remove the articles. I don’t think the Wikimedia Foundation will pay the fine, he said.

Earlier in 2022, Russian authorities said that Wikimedia should pay five million rubles worth of fines for several similar violations. President Vladimir Putin’s decision to send troops to Ukraine on February 24 has deepened a clampdown on freedom of speech and media in the country and sparked an exodus of independent Russian journalists.

Criticism of Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has essentially been banned in the country, and describing the operation as a “war” or “invasion” has been outlawed. In addition, Russian authorities have slapped Western companies, including Google and Telegram, with massive fines over Ukraine-related content. In July, a Moscow court fined Google $360 million for failing to remove content concerning Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

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