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Will Elon Musk Buy Manchester United Football Club?

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Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, tweeted that he was purchasing football club Manchester United Plc, without any details. Mr. Musk has a history of being unconventional and making irreverent tweets, and it was not immediately precise whether he planned to pursue a deal to secure Manchester United. He posted, “I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome.” The American Glazer family controls the team. Neither the family nor Musk instantly responded to a request for comment. British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported in 2021 that the Glazers were prepared to sell the club but only if they were offered more than $4.84 billion. He is currently trying to leave a $44 billion agreement to buy the social media company, which has taken him to court. Now the question is Will Elon Musk Buy Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester United is one of the world’s best-supported football clubs. They have been champions of England a record 20 times and have succeeded in the European Cup, the most renowned club competition in the global game, three times. Displeased among fans at the Glazers’ perceived lack of ambition to bring in top players intensified after the club completed sixth in the English Premier League last season, while crosstown rivals Manchester City won a second successive title.

The football club had a market capitalization of $2.08 billion as of the stock market close. However, in recent years, Manchester United fans have protested against the Glazers, who bought the club for $955.51 million in 2005, due to the team’s struggles on the pitch. The anti-Glazer movement gained momentum last year after United was involved in a failed attempt to form a breakaway European Super League. Some fans have urged Mr. Musk to buy Manchester United instead of buying Twitter. He has a history of unconventional actions and comments, making it difficult sometimes to tell when he is joking.

His ambitions range from colonizing Mars to making a new sustainable energy economy, and in the process, he has created the most valuable car company worldwide, electric vehicle maker Tesla, rocket company SpaceX, and a slew of smaller companies. One is a tunnel maker named the Boring Company. He has appeared to smoke marijuana in a podcast and fought US regulators over his comments about his plans for Tesla, including an abandoned effort to take it private. However, Forbes estimates his fortune at $270 billion.

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