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Workshop on Business Networking Held at Eastern University

Workshop on Business Networking Held at Eastern University

As part of the final semester students, the Faculty of Business Administration of Eastern University successfully organized a workshop on Business Networking on 6th August 2022. The alumni of the University, Marketing Communication Professional and Content Creator Md. Ashraful Alam was present as a resource person in the workshop, while Tasnuva Rahman, Assistant Professor, delivered the welcome speech, and the dean of the business faculty, Professor Dr. Abbas Ali Khan, was in the session chair. Associate Professor Farhana Khan coordinated the workshop.

Business networking is the process of starting an equally beneficial relationship with other business people or potential clients. Business networking benefits are the intangible advantages of communicating with other professionals in or relating to the industry. To provide a clear idea, this workshop comes under Career Success Program (CSP), which is organized each semester. The main objective is to enable students with the tips & tricks to make good relationships in corporate and business life that create a substantial impact.

To earn the rewards of a network, it is vital to understand what business networking benefits you can gain and how they can help your business to boost sales, increase efficiency and confidence, and build awareness of your brand, said the resource person. He also emphasized making a personal brand so that a person can stand with a unique identity in a crowded field.

Incidentally, the resource person is one of the successful alumni of Eastern University. He crossed the boundaries of secondary and higher secondary and joined the University in 2011. Since then, without tying himself to the cover of the textbook, he had been involved in various social activities. Ashraful is an avid lover of Mother Earth. It all started when he watched a short film series in British Council titled From Himalaya to the Bay of Bengal. With that in mind, he decided to continue his environmental endeavors at University. And due to his passion and dedication to the cause, he was made the Eastern University EarthCare Club president.

Moreover, he is a traveler. He travels a lot and writes travel stories. Recently Ashraful started vlogging to make audiovisuals on travel stories for social media networks under the brand name Go with Ashraful Alam.

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