Adina Kamkhatchi: Story of A Successful Entrepreneur

Adina Khamkhatchi: Story of a successful entrepreneur - The InCAP

Adina Kamkhatchi, a 22-year old successful women entrepreneur and Jewelry Businesswomen. Back then US-Citizen Adina was a college student. One day, while shopping she really liked a piece of jewelry. However, its cost was beyond her budget. Also, the cheaper the jewelry lacked quality. So, she decided to make hand-made jewelry by herself. She did not imagine that this decision of hers will completely turn her world changed.

How It All Started:

At that time, Adina was a freshman in Brooklyn College. She had classes for two days in a week. She used to spend free time on other days of the week. And so she thought of using this free time to make jewelry. At first, she shared her thought with her mother and fortunately her mother liked her idea and assured her that she will help her in work by any means possible. Adina had 1000 dollars in her hands, and she used the money to buy materials for jewelry making-like chain, threads, stones, pearls, etc.

She shifted the table in their kitchen to her room and put all the materials on it. Adina kept making jewelry for many days, and after that, she sold these to her college mates. Apart from that, she started selling her jewelry to her next door neighbors as well. In the first three months of jewelry of sale like that, she managed to make quite an income out of it. Adina realized that, if she can change her work strategy, she can reach more customers and her sales will increase too.

Applying New Strategy:

At first, she went to a store where they sell swimsuits, and she requested the owner to let her display the jewelry alongside the swimsuits. The owner agreed to her proposal. For the first few days, sales were good. But as the store used to make seasonal business mostly, customers would only flood the store during summer. During another time of the year, customers would hardly come by. So, Adina’s jewelry was mostly sold during summer, and on the other time sales were dry.

After that, her parents suggested her to show her jewelry work to the customers in the nearby hair salons. Because the salons were full of customers all the time. Listening to them, Adina arranged for a display in a local hair salon, and instantly she started to get positive results, and her sales increased by many times. Her business kept doing well throughout the year.

Success Begins:

Four years after she started her business, her very own jewelry business, ‘Adina’s Jewels’ turn into a multi-million dollar business. The business has successfully managed to attract thousands of customers on Instagram.

Popular celebrities along with Ariana Grande, Bella Swan, Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid, and many more are her customers. In many functions and photo-shoot, these celebrities are seen wearing jewelry from ‘Adina’s Jewels’. However, earlier Adina could not afford professional photographers and models for photo shoots. So, she used to click photographs of her family members as models and post them on Instagram.

Necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelet made by her might have become popular, but they are still within the budget. Even now, she herself designs most of the jewelry in her company. Her principle in the business is to get her products to the customers for a meager price. The price range for silver-plated and gold jewelry is within $50-$250.

Adina says, ‘I want people to like me who do not belong from rich families to be able to buy gorgeous jewelry as well.’

As her business started to grow larger, her brother Mayer joined the business to help her with it. Back then, he was just 17-years old. After entering the business, he at first opened a website for ‘Adina’s Jewels’. But at that time he did not know how to design a website because he had no idea about coding. He started learning coding by watching videos from YouTube and successfully he launched a website ( for the business.

Right now, 20-year old, Mayer is studying Entrepreneurship in Baruch College. Mayer said, ‘Our main customers are 18-31-year-old young women’. Currently, they have more than 215k followers on Instagram, and the numbers are always increasing. Mayer manages the Operation and Marketing department while Adina manages the Product Design and Customer relationship department in the business.

Adina’s Brother Mayer

Parent’s Role:

Adina said ‘My mother used to encourage me on building my own future from back when I was in third grade.’ She also said, ‘My mother used to tell me, never to work under someone but instead I should change my own fate and become a boss myself.’

After many years of operating the business from her parent’s house, she now finally shifted to her own workspace. Currently, the company owns a showroom in Brooklyn and sales from than 600 different types of jewelry items. The business now has a dozen employees working in the marketing, packaging and shipping department.

Both the siblings, Adina and Mayer, are proud of what they have achieved so far. Also, they feel that their parents played a very vital role in this achievement of theirs.

Adina said, ‘They have supported me in my business from Day One. Sometimes I would wake my Dad in the middle of the night to ask for suggestions related to my business. They have always been by my side whenever I needed them.’

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