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Bitcoin Price Decreased By 50 Percent Since November Peak

Why Bitcoin Hits 2-Week High Following Stock Rally?

Bitcoin prices have been falling for months. The cost of the virtual currency dropped below 34,000 in the beginning week of May. Coinbase, the company that handles cryptocurrency transactions, said in a statement. The world’s most enormous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin price has decreased By 50% since November peak 2021. So, the article is about Bitcoin Price Decreased By 50 Percent Since November Peak.

Presently, there has been a recession in the capital markets worldwide. As a result, the value of digital assets is declining. As a result, Japan’s Stock Market index fell nearly 2 percent on May 10, 2022.

Bitcoin accounts for about one-third of the cryptocurrency market. The total market value of the currency has exceeded $64,000cr. However, along with Bitcoin, the prices of other cryptocurrencies are also declining. For example, Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, fell more than 10 percent last week. Although the cryptocurrency market has been relatively calm this 2022, the previous 2020-21 years have seen significant ups and downs in the digital currency market.

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