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Boris Johnson Sets Six-point Plan To Defeat Putin

Boris Johnson Sets Six-point Plan To Defeat Putin
Photo Source: Reuters

On 5th March, 2022, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson encouraged other world leaders to adopt a six-point plan to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ranging from humanitarian assistance to inflicting as much economic hardship on Moscow as possible. The article explains Boris Johnson Sets Six-point Plan To Defeat Putin.

Johnson said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion had to fail and be seen to fail, ahead of discussions with leaders from Canada, the Netherlands, and Central Europe in London next week. In a statement, Johnson said, “It is not enough to proclaim our support for the rules-based international order; we must defend it against a sustained attempt to alter the rules by armed force.”

He outlined his goals, which included forming an international humanitarian alliance for Ukraine, bolstering support for Ukraine’s self-defense, and increasing economic pressure on Moscow. Johnson also urged for a diplomatic road to de-escalation with the full participation of Ukraine’s government, increased security in the European-Atlantic region, and a stop to Russia’s “creeping normalization” of its activities in Ukraine.

Following meetings with the Prime Ministers of Canada and the Netherlands on 7th March, 2022, Johnson will visit leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia on 8th March, 2022. These countries are witnessing a refugee surge as a result of the invasion. Through new legal measures that will be brought to parliament on Monday, Britain intends to move more quickly to prosecute Russian people in business.

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