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Kishor Kumar Das: The Creator of Zero Hunger

Bidyanondo Founder Kishor Kumar Das Received Commonwealth Points of Light Award

Bidyanondo Foundation has helped millions of individuals and, in the process, touched their hearts with its work. The significant part is that the Commonwealth Points of Light Award was given to its founder, Kishor Kumar Das, by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in recognition of his efforts. The editorial is about Kishor Kumar Das: The Creator of Zero Hunger.

To define the award, the Commonwealth Points of Light Awards commemorate outstanding acts of volunteering across the Commonwealth and help encourage people to make their own contributions to addressing some of the major social concerns by sharing these stories of service. Till now, 223 people receive this recognition every year. Dorla Bowman, Eric Asamoah Awuah, Darren Sheppard, and Asha Clementi are the previous events’ winners, respectively. In addition, Kisor Kumar Das is the first creator of zero hunger in Bangladesh who has received this outstanding recognition for his humanity.

On the other hand, Mr. Kishor does not believe the prize should have any impact; the organization intends to continue doing its work as usual. According to a statement released by the UK High Commission in Bangladesh, Kishore, 40, founded Bidyanondo in 2013 and has enhanced access to school for over 1,200 children from marginalized families. He is currently residing in Peru.

After receiving the prize, Mr. Kishor stated, “We frequently observe that persons who organize charity or similar activities become wealthy and renowned regardless of whether it benefits the public. This is because so many people apply for awards or accolades. We never applied for these, and we never went anywhere looking for a prize. We had just finished our responsibilities for humans.”

Kishor Kumar Das: The Creator For Zero Hunger

He further stated that each of their volunteers contributes for their own reasons. However, his impression is that he hasn’t done anything to help people because more needs to be done for the sake of the people still.

Kishor Kumar Das, a Computer Science graduate from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET), founded the organization with the tagline “Read, Play, Learn” to give poor children the opportunity to learn. They are recognized for providing many of their services for a symbolic fee of 1 Taka to eliminate the shame associated with accepting charity.

Bidyanondo presently includes a large number of people from many countries. But, according to Mr. Kishor, volunteers are the organization’s strength. Following this, Kishore believes that there is no risk of losing out if the volunteers perform something without expecting anything in return.

In terms of the organization’s future plans, Mr. Kishor doesn’t think about the future plan because thinking about it entails preserving money for the future. That’s something they don’t want to do. The organization wanted to spend money right away since contributors appreciate it. Charities do not address the root causes of the issues. He said, “We want to demonstrate that we must all live in peace.” 

Kishor Kumar Das: The Creator For Zero Hunger

When it comes to the societal challenges, Mr. Kishor says, “I’m not going to criticize or say anything to the youth; instead, I’m going to blame policymakers. I majored in engineering. How much did we learn about ethical ideals in school? Is this something that our educational system has addressed? I request people to tell and teach their children to do something good for the people. This principle must be infused into everything from schooling and family relationships to education policy-making“.

He also added, “None of us should believe we are better than the other. As you can see, there is enough food and resources globally. All people need to do is take care of one another and live by the correct ideals.”

Bidyanondo Foundation dreams of a world of love, hope, and social justice, where people live with dignity and security. They provide support to the underprivileged section of the society, especially extremely poor, homeless, and orphan children, through quality education, nourishment & shelter to make the resources for the nation. Buildings, Balance, and Brand Value are not important to Bidyanondo. 

In truth, it is a source of inspiration and knowledge for humanitarian activities. Therefore, Bidyanondo encourages you to join not for the benefit of the less fortunate but for your own self-care, soul purification, and teaching compassion to your children and to be inspired and inspire others. Any amount can help, and your contribution today can build a better future for many tomorrow. Please help them to support the most vulnerable. Hats off to Mr. Kishor Kumar Das!

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