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Mohammed Ismail Received The Best Instructor Award From Liberian President


Mohammed Ismail
Head of Technical Education
Liberia Maritime Training Institute (LMTI) & Liberia Maritime Preparatory Academy (LMPA)
Marshall, Margibi County, Liberia.

Bangladesh Armed Forces as UN peacekeeper in Liberia and Sierra Leone has excellent Performance, and reputations created a great image. There are over 4400 vessels with Liberian registry, which forms 12% world fleet has wanted to have its own Maritime Academy.
Located in Marshall City, Margibi County, Liberia, the LMTI was initially established in 1979, bearing the name Union Marine Training Institute (MRUMTI). It originally operated under the auspices of the Mano River Union comprising Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea until 1988 when the Liberian Government acquired full ownership.

As with most other national institutions, the Liberia Maritime Training Institute(LMTI) faced repeated closures at different periods due to the civil war, Ebola crisis, funds crunch, etc. and this consequently led to the deterioration of the Institute’s infrastructure and training equipment.
In 2016, under new management, work was commenced to restore LMTI to its old glory. Now with the first batch of 24 Engineering cadets having commenced their training from 01 August 2017, LMTI can look forward to becoming a genuinely world-class community of Excellence!”

Greatly proud, we are to mention Hanif Dewan, 31st batch cadet of the academy who took up the challenge to establish an academy for Liberia, at a rugged place. He procured all 2nd hand equipment from ship break yard Bhatiary at scrap rate and sent them to LMTI and established the Academy. Joined with him, Md. Ismail, Rafiq, and Mamun. Light of success started pouring on to cadets who started learning fast with a tremendous effort of 4 Bangladeshi Instructors. The Instructors have a highly commendable career, were dedicated, and motivated young Liberians to excel their depth of understanding with the close attention of these instructors. There were many visits and audits by IMO and US Coast guards top officials, and all were convinced the right momentum given to cadets learnings.

Mr. Mohammed Ismail has significant contributions towards the maritime, industrial, and maritime Education sector in Bangladesh. While he was director design in Western Marine shipyard, he designed and built 100-ton Gantry crane thoroughly with local resources with which WMS has exported 14 ships dwt 2500 to Germany, Denmark, and Finland.
He was project Manager for 200 MW combined cycle power plant in United Group, and 56 MW combine Cycle in Rahim Group. He brought changes in Marine Engineering Education implementing multimedia, animation, and simulation, which help fresher learning faster, available on youtube.

Mohammed Ismail, Mr.Hanif Dewan (31E), and Mr. Mamum (16E) have brightened the face of Bangladeshi Maritime Educationist so much, so that LMTI of 24 passed out cadets, 8 got scholarships for higher studies, 5 got a job with AP Molar, and 11 got job in D’MICO, Italian biggest lines. Mr. Ismail very much indebted to Mr.K.R.G Rotter, the then, Chief Engineer Marine Academy, who inspired all cadets so much so that still Mr.Rotter’s footsteps are followed and implemented in receiving this great award for Bangladesh.

Mr. Hanif Dewan, Director of Education, says, “Md. Ismail (11th batch cadet, Bangladesh Marine Academy) is a dedicated person for maritime education and teaching. He has been with me for the last two years. He is a very sincere and hardworking maritime professional. He loves teaching, and he is very much passionate about this noble profession. After teaching and working the whole day, he always goes to the library during the evening preparation time to help our cadets to understand their lessons. All cadets love and respect him as their own father. He is very genius and hard working. He knows the computer well and very good at computer software for drawings, simulations, and animations. To teach something very effectively in the classes, he uses his multidimensional expertise always to make his lesson interesting. Besides teaching as Head of Technical Studies (HTS), he has been helping us for installation and commissioning works of training machinery and equipment at LMTI. He really deserves the award, and as a Bangladeshi, we are proud of him.”

Mr. Bashir Khan 12 E says, “I vividly remember Mr. Ismail as a very soft-spoken, kind-hearted & intelligent senior brother of one year in the academy. He was also a hard-working, brilliant student & at our time the best in the subject Machine Drawing. When the Second Engineering Exam was held first time in Bangladesh, we gave our exam on this subject together & I passed this difficult exam one time only because of the help & tips from Mr. Ismail for which I am grateful to him. I echo with others that Mr. Ismail deserves the award & wish him much better success in the future.”

Mr. Qamruzzaman 11E from Canberra – “Convey my congratulations to all. I can remember Mr. Ismail came on a ship as CE to Newcastle in the around mid-2000s. I picked him from the ship and asked him where he wants to go for shopping? And with my surprise, he said any electronic parts shop! I took him to the biggest electronic part store in the town, and he bought some parts to design his own circuit. Master of that ship was from our 5th batch Capt Syed Moniril Haque, and he told me Ismail’s pass time on the ship was playing with his own electronic circuitry! Convey my warmest regards to the quietest achiever our batch. Tell him that we are proud of him.”

Mr. Masud Karim 21E from UK says, “Congratulations to Respected Ismail Sir and our Bangladeshi team in LMTA for disseminating their world-class expertise and achieving this prestigious honor for themselves and Bangladeshi mariners. We are proud of you all.”

Dear Mohammed Ismail, we wish you good health and continued success.

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