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Meta Removed Over 600 Facebook And Instagram Accounts

An Unexpected Drops in Meta's Share Price 
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Over 600 Facebook and Instagram accounts allegedly connected to the Malaysian police have been terminated by tech giant Meta, which considers they were part of a Troll Farm used to manipulate public discourse. In its Quarterly Adversarial Complaint Report, the parent company of the two social media platforms stated that this network of fake accounts posted memes in the Malay language in support of the current coalition government and endeavored to paint its critics as corrupt in addition to encouraging the police force. Hence, the article is about Meta Removed Over 600 Facebook And Instagram Accounts.

This violated Meta’s policy against coordinated inauthentic behavior. Meta reported, “We discovered this network after verifying information about a little portion of such activity initially suspected to have originated in China by investigators at Clemson University. Although the people behind it tried to conceal their identity and coordination, our investigation found connections to the Royal Malaysia Police.” 

“Typically, their online activity accelerated during weekdays, lunch break. Their fake accounts were underdeveloped, and some used collected images. They were detected and disabled by our automated systems,” the company confirmed. Meta stated that many fake accounts were said to have spent up to US$6,000 for promotional advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, which were paid for primarily in Malaysian currency.

To date, 596 Facebook accounts, 180 pages, 11 groups, and 72 Instagram accounts have been removed in connection with the case. “Around 427,000 accounts followed more pages, around 4,000 accounts joined several groups, and about 15,000 accounts followed Instagram accounts,” Meta claimed. 

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