Home Finance Paperfly Receives BDT 102cr From Indian Ecom Express

Paperfly Receives BDT 102cr From Indian Ecom Express

Paperfly Receives BDT 102cr From Indian Ecom Express

Paperfly Limited, an online courier company, is owned by Ecom Express, an Indian end-to-end technology-enabled logistics solutions provider. They confirmed that they will invest BDT 102cr in Paperfly to expand digital services. Through this, the Indian company will get the ownership of a large part of Paperfly. The article is about Paperfly Receives BDT 102cr From Indian Ecom Express.

Rahat Ahmed, a co-founder of Paperfly, said, “Earlier, the Indian company had invested another BDT 100cr. In toal, their investment will be BDT 202cr. Through this, they own most of the shares of Paperfly. And with this investment, we will build a digital courier infrastructure. “

Mr. Rahat Ahmed noted that the previous investment had played a positive role in expanding services across the country. He said, “Business structure has been formed with an e-commerce organization. Now our goal is to build a digital service framework for Business to Business (B2B), through which any seller can send their products from home. And the buyer will also get the product of his choice while sitting at home.”

Shahriar Hasan, Managing Director of Paperfly, said, “We are committed to providing e-commerce logistics solutions across the country from the very beginning. Paperfly is also delivering products to rural areas for that purpose. In addition, since last year, we have started B2B service in the local courier parcel industry.” He further said, “Through the new investment of Indian companies, the potential of Bangladesh in the logistics sector has gained international recognition.”

Meanwhile, TA Krishnan, CEO of Ecom Express, said, “This investment will increase the company’s range. We are also interested in being partners.”

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