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Pervasive Autocracy: The Duplication of the Pandemic Changing in to a Cultural Phenomenon

Pervasive Autocracy: The Duplication of the Pandemic Changing in to a Cultural Phenomenon

The grip of COVID 19 worldwide has so far seen its share of ups and downs. This pandemic is slowly withering away in terms of its worldwide effect but yet some serious lessons haven’t been learned. Being the most dominant life form on the face of this planet doesn’t necessarily mean we are automatically immunized to everything and anything.

On this day the Pandemic of COVID 19 and coronavirus has shown us that nature can play dice and messing with it in the first place isn’t a good option. How far have we transgressed that today turning on the TV means hearing of deaths, burials and cremations in a continually depressing manner? To imagine these days a life without COVID 19 means imagining a life without almost anything. The secret is out and the world is at serious risk of cultural outburst.

The way this microscopic organism is molding the way life is led is truly horrendous and equally sick. Day after day and life afterlife, we haven’t seen a time where human vulnerability is getting questioned as is its retaliation from the laws of nature. The processes that most people go through are intangible to begin with and from that people arise out of pandemic-induced secularism.

Overall the culture of inducing habits in days of coronavirus has led us to believe in an abstract reality governed by if and don’ts of years gone by. The process of proceeding from ground zero is the sole methodology with which we can truly move forward with positivity because what is unknown is the valor of human intent and what the human intent is capable of harnessing is remarkable in multiple ways.

Based on individualistic entity and recognition, the sole concept of being a human being and the might of cultural reverence has put the situation of the pandemic at a situation out of this world. The place where the human civilization stands today is a lucky one because of many reasons which include the abundant natural resources available at hand, the discoveries of new renewable energies with each day and a sustainable environment which is still an abode for bearing billions of life on this planet and surely we can count ourselves lucky even amidst the pandemic.

The vaccines have been rolled out from each corner of the globe but still the situation is mercurial in some countries and volatile in others. The present scenario as of May of 2021 doesn’t reflect the grim outlook it should have concerning the magnitude of the impact of the coronavirus. Partly credit goes to mass lockdowns and social distancing along with effective sanitization that has led millions of people away from the risk of getting infected with COVID19.

But what pervades us is the battle between what we want and what shouldn’t be done to get away with what we want. This battle that is going on inside the heads of millions of people are now pulling over to see one of the many fabrications of the coronavirus. It might be not too late to let things fall all over the place. The world is in such a situation where there are comparatively unbalanced reported cases when comparing countries and their COVID death tolls.

In very few regions almost all of it is eliminated and there are places where the growth has been exponential. It has been over six months since the world saw its people starting to get vaccinated and reports of COVID infected and deaths have fallen if not radically but slightly in favor of immunologists and doctors under whose authorization we have maintained a sense of calm in this wildfire. Accurate treatment and proper diagnosis of the disease by specialists have made it much easier for us to now track and take down coronavirus.

Medical experts are already working as we speak to improve the coordination between the people and branches of governments to deal with the pandemic in an improved fashion. Not just through immunization, sanitization and social distancing but through public campaigns and motivational rhetoric, the battle between the human being and COVID19 is on.

At this point, we are extremely likely to succumb to the coronavirus, especially old people if the guide like by the CDC, WHO and FDA and other directories isn’t followed. There can’t be propaganda behind the coronavirus; after all human life is the most valuable asset to ourselves. The range of capability of any individual isn’t limited just within the sphere of what’s possible; the bigger question is what’s not.

At the end of the day, the years of living will go down as a cultural phenomenon because the way human lifestyle across the globe, from east to west, rich to poor responded in an audacious manner will itself become a testament to the art form of human life. Philosophically rendering the concept and reality of COVID19 is as much as easy as it is to light a match.

All that is required is the ignition and a catalyst to make the virus an easier one to get rid of and it will even be seemingly be easier if just the simple guidelines are followed to the best of an individual’s ability. In the history of pandemics like polio and Spanish flu, the world wasn’t gifted with the skilled personnel that we have today.

The treatment for pandemics in the past wasn’t tackled with the accuracy with which we are tackling COVID-19, that’s why only the very few nations are suffering dire straight situations as a result of conditional anomaly, a rare case of missing out because of ill-fated notion while considering the Public safety guidelines.

The death toll due to the coronavirus is still rising but the rate at which it is doing so is decreasing in maximum countries of the world with the exceptions of three or four nations and as far as Bangladesh goes, we still got to go miles into this pandemic before unearthing what should be the true antecedent.

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