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Railway Partnered With Shohoz For Online Ticketing

Railway Partnered With Shohoz For Online Ticketing

Computer Network System (CNS) has sold exclusive train tickets for 15 long years in Bangladesh. But the railway authorities have canceled CNS because of having various allegations against the company regarding ticket sales and contracts. Thus, Railway Partnered With Shohoz For Online Ticketing.

On 15th February, the railways officially allowed the sale of tickets quickly at the railway building. The five-year agreement was signed to design, develop, supply, install, commission, operate, and maintain the Integrated Ticketing System (BRITS) of Bangladesh Railway between Railways and Shohoz. As a result, it will be easier to sell train tickets in the country. Synesis IT Ltd and Vincen consultancy pvt ltd are partners in the firm.

Additional Director General (Operations) Sardar Shahadat Ali, on behalf of Bangladesh Railway and Maliha M. Quadir, Founding Managing Director, on behalf of Shohoz, signed the agreement in the presence of Railways Minister Nurul Islam Sujan.

According to the agreement, Shohoz Limited will pay a 25 coin service charge for each ticket where CNS had to pay about 3 Bdt. It will be easy to understand the work within the next 21 days. For the next 18 months, they will continue to work on the previous server (Railways’ server). 

The Railways Minister said, “We have already taken steps to change this system radically. For example, we are now selling 50 percent of our tickets online – in the future, 100 percent of our tickets will be sold online. So we hope that people will no longer suffer from buying tickets online.”

Maliha M. Quadir said, “Our dream was to provide train services – sell tickets. What matters more than our profits is working in a company as big as the railways. We have succeeded, and we want to give the highest service. We have been working on online bus ticketing since 2014. Selling tickets online is our core business. We have taken this task to provide good service to the people.”

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