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Russia To Launch Alternative Instagram Named Rossgram

Russia Launched Alternative Instagram App Rossgram

After banning Instagram in Russia on March 14, Russia has announced the launch of Rossgram, an alternative photo-video sharing network. When Meta permitted messages inciting for violence against Russian troops, Russia banned Facebook and Instagram. Meta had previously stated that it would be unjust if Ukrainians were prevented from voicing their opposition to the military forces. The article is about Russia To Launch Alternative Instagram Named Rossgram.

Russian IT entrepreneurs are figuring out how to fill the hole left by Facebook and Instagram’s bans. Rossgram, a new Russian alternative to Instagram, will debut on March 28. It is expected to include functionality similar to Instagram.

The initiative’s public relations director, Alexander Zobov, wrote on the VKontakte social network, “My partner Kirill Filimonov and our group of developers were already ready for this turn of events and decided not to miss the opportunity to create a Russian analog of a popular social network beloved by our compatriots.”

As a result of the fight, Russia has opened a criminal inquiry into Meta, branding it an “extremist organization.”

Rossgram isn’t the only alternative app being developed in Russia; an app called Yappy was also released as a TikTok alternative. The graphic hints that Rossgram’s scheme and layout may be comparable to Instagram. Zobov Vkontakte tweeted a photo of a possible Rossgram scheme and design.

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