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Personality Tests To Help You Pick The Right Career

When it comes to determining which jobs would be the greatest fit for you, your personality is a crucial component to consider. Personality tests...

Difference Between Profession And Career

To make a living, everyone works around the clock. However, the quantity of money earned fluctuates depending on many circumstances. Some professions pay significantly...

Fashion & Profession: Avik Anwar

Avik AnwarManaging Director of Car House ImportsChampion of International Motorsport Perhaps, you have already heard an adage: Life is a race; stay ahead to win...

Why is Job Satisfaction Important?

James McBride, an American Writer, said, "First, it is a primary responsibility of organizations to ascertain that employees are satisfied with their jobs through...

Job Satisfaction Matters!

Have you ever thought if your employment is the right fit for you? Do you know what it means to be right? Personal intuition and circumstances...

Editor’s Lens: April 2022 | Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

Every employee wishes to have a secure career path and an excellent work-life balance. However, when employees are dissatisfied, they may be forced to...