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Taliban Preserving The Statue To Attract Chinese Investment

Taliban Preserving The Statue To Attract Chinese Investment

The Taliban government in Afghanistan is looking at Chinese investment to alleviate the country’s dire economic woes. As part of this, considerable emphasis is being placed on further strengthening relations with Beijing. As a result, guards have been set up to protect the statues. Many ancient Buddha statues sit in meditation in various caves in rural Afghanistan. Hundreds of meters below, these statues are considered an extensive collection of copper statues. The article is about Taliban Preserving The Statue To Attract Chinese Investment.

However, instead of destroying, the Taliban seem to be focusing on these protections. Warriors standing on the side of a rocky hill may have once thought of destroying the terracotta, Buddha. When the Taliban first came to power two decades ago, they destroyed a giant Buddha statue in another part of the country, sparking outrage worldwide. They called these idols “pagan symbols” and spoke of “purity.”

The Taliban is back in power in Afghanistan, ousting the US-backed government. But the day has changed. There has also been a change in the Taliban’s visible behavior. They are now determined to preserve the remains of the Mes Aynak copper mine. Hakimullah Mubariz, the Taliban leader in charge of guarding a monastery built by first-century Buddhist monks, spoke that the security of these installations is significant for Afghans and Chinese.

He said there was a need to preserve these ancient installations to attract huge Chinese investment in Afghanistan. This is the key to opening the door to Chinese investment. Hakimullah Mubariz had previously led a Taliban fighting unit fighting US-backed Afghan forces in the local mountains. When the Western-backed government in Kabul collapsed last year, members of its forces stepped in to preserve the remains of the Mess Ainak copper mine. 

The dramatic change in the Taliban has strongly attracted Afghanistan’s unused mining sector. The country’s authorities consider the estimated one trillion dollars worth of mineral resources as the key to the country’s prosperous future. However, as a result of protracted wars and violence, no government has been able to utilize the country’s mineral resources in that way. With the fall of the Western-backed government and the withdrawal of US troops, countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Russia are increasingly interested in investing in the country. Such interest from other countries is also seen as positive by the Taliban.

China holds special importance among potential foreign investors. The country could change the region’s geo-political map by undertaking major projects in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

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