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The Digital Age of Bangladesh

The Digital Age of Bangladesh

The digital age of Bangladesh and its newfound profound impact has gathered momentum in the last decade or so. The transformation of the use of technology to link the quasi-statutory concepts hinged hard on to the pattern of behavior exhibited by millions of people has become an apathetic way to deal with the rise of modern-day fortitude. Before long, we do not find the misleading idea that tries to encompass what’s already within; the escape from the possible vicinity of harsh reality or the objective truth and it’s imperative for the familiar person.

The convergence that is there in the eyes of the preempted pragmatism is the direction followed by the people clever in their distress of socio-economic endeavors. To a certain extent, there exists a variation that protrudes the quality or finesse of intelligent longevity, and to a certain degree, this does not make a reasonable assumption that pervades the regional coherency. With little regard to arguing why there is a limitation bordering mass reorganization of the sign of disturbances abrupt will make it a new step towards mitigating the abhorrence inbuilt as a faulty guideline. Rising from the pits of unison, the heresy that to a specific limit sets the boundaries capable of reforming the irrefutability which exists in the mainframe/body of intent should create the atmosphere for mature proclivity. There cannot be another method yet mature in its nature enough to be a liberal cause in the fall of a sensible judgment.

By a considerable margin, the peripheral vision with each individual equipped with the highest form of retrospect may be the slightest form of present-day denomination categorized by improper inclusivity. Thus the amount of variability or the sense of invariance prevails as each moment turns into societal absolutes/reconstruction of obsolete factors determined by the agenda of the particular individual. The digital jump Bangladesh has taken to cement its place as one of the countries in the world to promote digitalization of the entire urban and most of the rural economy has seen more incredible shifts of change in the way businesses are varied out in favor of people in dire need of the of technology in their lives, businesses, and education.

Digitalization does not simply mean the proactive use and easy access to services such as advanced internet use and the availability of hardware both computers and other devices, so the effective use of all of this becomes a pending question of usability. But there is a huge catch, and part of it is the relentless idea that without much use of the resources, the need for the mind to get attached to objects of desirability drives the primal motives to envisage the act of dedicating time and other resources for the fruition of intellectual demeanor. Though for most of the time, the act of digitalization incurs the usurpation of wealth in the form of use of subsidies and tax credits while making it look like the face of good progress, the zest is the rhetorical exclamation that comes with things that hide the good behind the closed curtain.

The best use of digitalization is the flow of information through people and their households. At the end of the day are the addition of specific individual productivity and its reflection on an aggregate basis on the entire community. The world and especially developing nations such as Bangladesh have progressed so far because digitization is the road map of success for the country. A tell-tell sign from the inside, the necessity for the use of modern technology to give a proper indication for its appropriate use will mean an eventual return back(Not that of money only) to the very people they pass through as a current of information. However, there are times and places from where we get a hint of destabilization: a silent aptitude for determining the fragmental attenuation to the use of technology as a facet of everyday life. Till this day, historical evidence and its lack, the range of procession of a vision that sets the pace for the development of human caliber in the society and, of course, nature in general, sets the right speed for attaining the goal of relying on the technology and development of it to accentuate it along the lines of speedy progress.

Productivity cannot be the only reason people forget to tie their shoelaces, and it cannot become more important than the ability to breathe air with one’s free will, the arbitration that the mass retardant and the tools required to hone the capacity has no reason to shake the ground. The more effective redundancy that effectively utilizes logic as a fathomable idealism is the enabler of the red button or the way to escape the syndrome of irritation in the way technology is mishandled. The symbolism in the pattern that revokes the ordeal endangerment of the pieces of the puzzle somehow fitting together is the need for modern age brainstorming as a big part of the picture of digital transformation. The convergence has the ideal mechanism-a formation of the constituents of a system to carry order with itself-which then, in ultimate reality, begs the question as to why the pathetic return of non-formalism in the suits of societal behavior indicates a loss of fallacy.

The word digitalization in recent history has taken the scientific route more so than any other part. With technological development and increase in research, the procession of science to better the quality of human life and improve their living conditions has made a stamp of authority for the betterment of all. Of course, digitalization is not the only way for economic development, but it may be the best way for economic emancipation and public liberty. However, we see changes around ourselves-both, good and bad-the profuse thinking that the gold standard has been breached can in any way be the only fault in the remorse of finding the hidden economic and moral truth of the society.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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