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The Pacifist Approach: Trade of Politics

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We have reached the exclamation point of how trade as a function of politics has begun to operate through reverberated measures. The destination is not a mere culmination of the prolific and statutory medium of transition, but in fact, it is something that lends a helping hand.

Politics has remained at the most internal core of society. From where the branches evolve into a greater good, the most straightforward actions are deemed valid. But to find the proper order of arrangement of the society in terms of locality, ethnicity, and most importantly, identity, we have reached the most wonderfully unexpected place there is to come. From up to bottom, situations around people are challenging to get acclimatized. And that too isn’t the first of the options-A quick travel around the globe- we begin to rediscover why we had abandoned the fundamental principles we had to adhere to.

The power to transform any beneficial transition in business, economics, trade, politics, and even healthcare takes a jump into the fist of accurate precision. The way we repeatedly regurgitate the generalized repertoire of the methods of pronounced deformities takes us steps back into the past, and as is with the tone, this is helpful. With a global downturn, we require downsizing of everyday realities, and the forecast measures of such actions now have become an immediate action. Without the laws of by-standing political rhetoric, we have traded in a jiffy. The recuperations of such activities again continually adhere to the formation of the society. But speaking of community at large, have the notions determining our thought processes made us culturally irrelevant to an ever-changing scenario of political affirmation.

From singularity to plurality, amassing cultural knowledge to propagate trade intertwined with politics reveals its state of rest that it has been for decades. Trade and politics have always been two factors determined through human effort and ingenuity. As society has grown to be a harbor of peace and rest for an individual, the far left is beginning to coincide with the far-right in such a drastic function that without proper obligatory actions, what we see will be from the pits of deprivation. The main ways to mitigate and maintain the order of things in this era are using technology and technical aspects such as IoT (Internet of Things) and using that framework to build a system of trade that elevates politics as a practice.

The main objective has become a factor that has become as stagnant as existence. In essence, presence spurs out of permutation, combination, and probability. Events occur in a suppressed state, simmering through as they pass the layers of objectivity and objectification.

The proper conduct and measures are taken aback put us in very uncomfortable situations as society flourishes from the wrong places. Being an informed and vigilant citizen reminds us of the core tenants of belief: Faith, monotheism, and the moralization of hard-standing norms is the set of fundamental ideas that have put the human civilization as a thriving populace in almost every corner of the globe. Yet every second reality hits back-famine, poverty, and genocide all mesh together in a rejuvenated formalism of ill-fated indicators of the lack of preemptive proficiency, and that means the door has been yet to be closed.

As we advance is the way ahead, and no matter how oxymoronic it sounds, it’s quite basically the rule of nature. Nature around us moves forward: Tress grows, living beings from microbes to humans multiply, cities grow, economies grow, and everything else in possible combination is moving forward amidst crises, and though the pace seems redundantly wrong on a certain level currently, the sticky end will eventually meet its fate. Though we still have to go from place to place, country to country, to have a global perspective on how politics affects trade, very intrinsically, politics do affect trade. The first point is that of the relationship between nations, and the second is that the way a nation brands itself and its culture and businesses, and the third is the way experiences with other nations provide a mirror view look for others to determine and construct a venture between countries involving companies. And yet that is something far away for many countries of the world.

The pacifist approach can be coined and termed as one of the modern-day innovations in tackling inequality. Inequality can be of two types: The first is between nations and the other within a country. For between nations, we get the easy comparison just by looking at regions of the West and Southeast Asia, for example, to almost the entirety of the continent of Africa. Various determining factors exist, and to coin something as lost opportunity has become the constant. Measures taken by the government to build a nation’s economy through the effective use of education and workforce remain the best way out of the mess.

Now to the second point, inequality within a nation- while very few of some nations like Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries enjoy the benefits of being rich- the majority suffers and faces financial calamities. This majority in some way work for the wealthy minority, and in no way can they build a way out to a path clear for progress. The procession remains hinged to the variables of systems of the nature and that too in a complete obliteration and disregard for the law. Just by declaration, we cannot seamlessly deliberate competition and escape the realities of this modern era, but we can profoundly think on actions and create a pavement of mitigation to efficacy what we had done in the past as a result of complete disfranchisement of the human value.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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