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Twitter To Launch Edit Button For Premium Users

Twitter To Launch Edit Button For Premium Users
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Permanently misspelled tweets could soon be a history. Twitter confirmed it will roll out an editing feature to subscribers of its premium Twitter Blue service at the end of September. In an update on its plans to present an edit button, the social media company stated it has been testing the feature, which it said is one of the most demanded features to date. The article is about Twitter To Launch Edit Button For Premium Users.

The edit function will deliver users 30 minutes to create changes to their 280-character messages, like, fixing typos or adding hashtags after first posting a tweet. Then, it’ll be labeled and emerge with an icon and timestamp. Twitter users can look up past versions of the tweet by tapping the label. Twitter expressed it’s testing the edit feature with a small group of users so it can recognize and resolve potential issues

Twitter officials said that the time limit and version history play an important role. They support protect the integrity of the conversation and create a publicly accessible record of what was said. In addition, it hinted that the edit feature would eventually be rolled out to all users. Testing enables the company to understand how it impacts how people use Twitter and initiative for and anticipate what might happen if they bring it to everyone. Of the accounts banned, 1.42 million were actively banned before any user reports.

Several accounts were banned based on complaints obtained through the company’s grievances channel and the tools and resources it uses to detect offenses. In July, WhatsApp got a total of 574 grievance reports. The texting platform, which has been criticized earlier for spreading fake news and hate speech in the country and elsewhere in the world, had taken down 2.21 million accounts in India in June.

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