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An Architecture Student Chooses To Be A Businesswomen

Zarin Rownak Sochi, Owner of Kumudinir Boson-theincap
Zarin Rownak Sochi, Owner of Kumudinir Boson

“I want to have diversity in life. If not, life becomes tedious, and then monotony comes.” This is what Zarin Rownak Sochi believes. She started her business when she was a university student. Then Kumudinir Boson were established. Sochi feels that it is not just the name of her business, but a piece of love, which is mixed with the love of Bengali women’s saree attire. Sachi became reminiscent about those early days; she says, “I thought I would do something that I like and love to reach all ages of people easily. That’s why I started the saree and clothing business.”

When the reporter asked, ‘why are you pursuing engineering?’ Sochi laughed and said again that there must be diversity in life in response to that. Sachi also stated that “I have studied. Apart from that, I am learning every day. However, my education is also business-oriented, and I enjoy it.”

Growing up in BUET Colony, thanks to her father’s job, she became interested in engineering from the beginning. While studying Industrial and Production Engineering, she learned the techniques of taking risks in life. 

According to Sochi, a saree is a product that women of all ages love. That is why I started the saree business. ‘Kumudinir Boson’ was founded to fulfill one’s desires within one’s means. She also focuses on youngsters so that they can buy products on a minimal budget. 

However, Sochi started in 2016 with a capital of only three thousand BDT. Now she is working on her own shop by renting a corner in Dhanmondi. Ms. Sochi originally collected saree from Tangail. What’s more, she does the original design work herself. For example, adding floral motifs or lines of a poem on the edge of the saree, screenprint designs in some sarees add value. In the same way, block or embroidery work is also available. In addition, she changed the color combination in the design of the Manipuri saree and brought innovation that reached the women’s attention. 

Although Sachi has not set up any factory yet, some craftsmen work solely on her designs. Sochi said that she only worked with saree in the beginning, but now Kumudini is also working with other clothes. She has a significant contribution to empowering people. About twenty people have been employed in this initiative.

Sochi said, “anyone can buy products through our website or Facebook page at home, I also get many orders from outside the country.” She dreams that her business will be more prominent in the future. People will be able to read books when they come to buy Saree and will have a little chat. “The purpose of my future shop will not just be shopping but also a hangout place for women of all ages”- she said.

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