Home Editorial Editor’s Lens: Who Will Win? | October 2023

Editor’s Lens: Who Will Win? | October 2023

Editor’s Lens: Who Will Win? | October 2023

The world is currently caught up in a whirlwind of cricket excitement, eagerly anticipating the performance of the beloved teams on the global stage. World Cup cricket is not merely a game; it is a passion, a spectacle, and a business venture. In this edition of The InCAP, we dive deep into the heart of the action, particularly focusing on the anticipated clash between two neighboring giants: Bangladesh vs. India.

On our cover story, two cricketing legends, Shakib Al Hasan and Virat Kohli, stand side by side. We explore their personal journeys, their impact on the game, their business ventures, and the controversies that have shaped their careers. Beyond the boundary, we uncover the multifaceted lives of these cricket stars, offering a glimpse into their personal pursuits and interests.

The InCAP has always been a proponent of positivity, and as part of our ongoing commitment to this ethos, we have been diligently working on our project, “Branding Positivity, Branding Bangladesh.” This initiative spotlights the achievements and contributions of professionals in the corporate world who are helping to shape the positive image of Bangladesh.

Inside this edition, we bring you exclusive interviews with these professionals. These individuals have been instrumental in projecting a positive image of Bangladesh on the global stage. Through their tireless efforts, they have elevated the nation’s reputation, not just as a cricketing powerhouse but as a thriving hub of innovation, culture, and economic growth.

In our interviews, you’ll hear the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, tech visionaries, artists, and leaders in various sectors who are making a difference. They share their experiences, insights, and visions for a brighter future for Bangladesh. These narratives reveal a nation that is harnessing its potential and pushing boundaries, all while embracing a forward-thinking and positive approach.

As cricket enthusiasts anticipate the Bangladesh vs. India showdown, we invite you to explore the pages of The InCAP and discover the stories of these professionals who are contributing to “Branding Positivity, Branding Bangladesh.” While the cricket match captures the world’s attention, these individuals are tirelessly working to shape the nation’s narrative beyond the field.

Cricket may be a game, but the impact it has extends far beyond the boundary lines. The InCAP is proud to bring you the stories of those who are shaping the future of Bangladesh with their dedication, positivity, and commitment to excellence.

InCAP Ranking has already gained massive popularity among readers, so in this edition, we have released the ranking of the Top 10 Woman Corporate Leaders in Bangladesh. Sincere thanks to the Research and Development team of the International Corporate Association of Professionals (InCAP). Without their help, this work could not have been accomplished. So don’t miss that reading.

I sincerely thank our publisher – InCAP, beloved readers, well-wishers, and advertisers whose love and support we can reach out to worldwide today.

Happy reading!

Nasrin Nahar Jeneva

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