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FBI Recovered 11 Confidential Documents in Trump’s House

FBI Raid on Donald Trump's Residence 
Photo Courtesy: CNN

A total of eleven highly confidential documents have been recovered from the house of former US President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was searched by the country’s Central Intelligence Agency (FBI) and recovered. According to the report, the FBI disclosed this information and said that the country’s judicial court order raided Mr. Trump’s home. However, the details of what is in this order are unknown. The article is about FBI Recovered 11 Confidential Documents in Trump’s House.

The FBI claims that Trump took some confidential information with him when he left the White House in 2021. So this campaign has been conducted. The recovered documents are divided into several categories. First, a list is reserved for Top Secret/Sensitive information. The list of documents includes ‘four sets of top secret documents, ‘three sets of secret documents’ and three sets of ‘confidential’ documents.

Among the items recovered by the FBI were 20 boxes, photo binders, a letter about the “President of France,” and a letter on behalf of Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally and political consultant. In the context of these events, Mr. Trump stated on his Truth social platform that everything recovered was “classified” and stored “securely”. He said there is nothing to seize these things. They could have taken them without making a political drama, without searching the house.

After various discussions and criticisms, Trump left office on January 20, 2021. There is talk that he will fight again in the presidential election in 2024. The FBI’s raid on his residence has stormed the US political arena. Top Republican leaders have sharply criticized the Justice Department and the FBI.

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