Home Economy Fruits Costlier in Ramadan Despite Plentiful Supply

Fruits Costlier in Ramadan Despite Plentiful Supply

Fruits Costlier in Ramadan Despite Plentiful Supply

Despite a large supply on the market, domestic and foreign fruits have grown more expensive at the start of Ramadan 2022 than at the start of Ramadan 2021. Fruit importers claim increasing shipping prices, while local sellers blame local fruit price increases on high transportation expenses. The article is about Fruits Costlier in Ramadan Despite Plentiful Supply.

On April 3, 2022, the first day of Ramadan in Bangladesh, it is found that imported apples were selling for Tk160-Tk240 per kg based on quality, pear for Tk220-Tk240 per kg, pomegranate for Tk220-Tk240 per kg, malta fruit for Tk 160-Tk210 per kg, orange for Tk140-Tk180 per kg, and grape for Tk200-Tk230 per kg.

Dates have increased by Tk20 to Tk25 per kg, with this imported fruit selling for between Tk350 and Tk1,250 per kilogram depending on quality. In addition, the retail market in Old Dhaka was selling Ajwa dates for Tk350 per kg, Dhapas dates for Tk280, Kalmi dates for Tk300, and Farida dates for Tk280, and plum dates for Tk240 per kg. In Dhaka’s retail markets, excellent grade Tunisian, Algerian, and Libyan dates and Mariam were selling for between Tk650 and Tk1250 per kilogram.

The supply of imported fruits has remained consistent during Ramadan, according to Md Sirajul Islam, secretary of Bangladesh Fresh Fruits Importers Association (BFFIA). However, he also stated that the cost of imported fruits has risen due to greater shipping costs and the depreciation of the Bangladeshi taka. At the same time, domestic transportation costs increased, affecting produce, he noted.

Thai Guava sells for Tk70-Tk80 per kg, bananas for Tk60-Tk120 per dozen, watermelon for Tk35-Tk45 per kg, pineapple for Tk30-Tk50 per piece, Green Mango for Tk250-Tk300 per kilogram, and Dragon fruit for Tk450-Tk550 per kg among local fruits.

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