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Nine Years of Success to Actualize the Dream of NRBC Bank


After nine years of operation, NRBC Bank has stepped into its tenth year. Together, the Directors and Sponsors of the Bank celebrated nine years of actualizing the dream. On occasion, the Sponsors said that NRBC Bank is working for the betterment of the masses to their roots through its diverse banking services. We are working closely with the current Board of Directors and Management on these welfare activities. All non-residential Directors and Sponsors attended the event virtually and physically, organized by the Head Office under SM Parvez Tamal, Chairman of the Bank, who presided over the event.

On behalf of the Management, the Managing Director and CEO, Golam Aulia, greeted the Chairman of the Bank, SM Parvez Tamal, Directors AM Saidur Rahman, AKM Mostafizur Rahman, and Shareholders Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mamun and Arif Sikder. Besides, on the ninth anniversary, Iftar and prayer mahfil was organized in all Branches and Sub-branches across the country on Sunday.

NRBC Bank, the dream company of 53 NRBs, was established in 2013. During the discussion, the Sponsors said that they are far ahead of all contemporary banks regarding humanitarian and inclusive banking activities. Sub-Branches are being opened across the country to provide banking services to the people in the remotest of areas. To create employment in the rural community, the Bank is engaged itself in micro credit with a low-interest rate. We are working closely with these innovative activities of the current Board of Directors. Unfortunately, an insidious quarter has become jealous of the Bank’s unimaginable progress and has resorted to propaganda. Attempts are being made to create divisions between Directors and Sponsors. However, we fully support the current activities and plan to face these propaganda and ill activities against the Bank jointly.

Rafikul Islam Mia Arzoo, Vice Chairman of the Bank, said that NRBC Bank embodies good governance by setting a milestone. The Bank that went nearly bankrupt in 2016 is now a leader and followed by other banks.

SM Parvez Tamal, Chairman of the Bank, said, we are providing banking services to our customers by increasing our skilled manpower and expanding our services through technology. Employees of different levels of the Bank have worked tirelessly to extend banking services to cities and rural areas. Micro-credit loans are being disbursed to marginalized people through sub-branches. We, the NRBs, have successfully achieved the goal we aimed for during the last nine years. We want door-to-door employment and the development of rural areas. For this, we are working through sub-branches, microcredits, and partnership banking.

NRBC Bank, which officially launched on April 2, 2013, has a deposit of Tk.11,046 crore at the end of December 2021 and loans and advances of Tk.10,479 crore. Profits are increasing every year. Single-digit interest-based microfinance is being disbursed to create new entrepreneurs amongst the rural people. Micro-credit of Tk.815 crore has been disbursed to about 21,000 customers. There are 650 sub-branches, including 93 branches for conducting service activities. Sub-branches include Land Registration Booths, BRTA Fee Collection Booths, etc. Besides, there are 590 agent outlets across the country. Besides, the customers of the Bank are enjoying instant banking services from about 70 ATM booths and CRM booths across the country. The Planet app has brought banking into the palm of their hands.

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