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Justin Trudeau Announced A New Task Force

Justin Trudeau Announced A New Task Force
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Nothing is as Canadian as designating a task force to deal with a problem instead of fixing it; on June 25, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not dishearten. In concluding his meeting with Commonwealth leaders in Rwanda and heading for a meeting of the G7 in Germany, Mr. Trudeau declared a new task force to solve why it’s taking longer for the government to process passport and immigration applications. The article is about Justin Trudeau Announced A New Task Force.

“We know service delays, particularly in recent months, are unacceptable,” Mr. Trudeau stated. But, he added, “ten members of the Trudeau cabinet, three ex-officio cabinet members, and even more ministers seconded to the task if necessary will drive action to improve the processing of passports and immigration applications. They will identify priority areas for action and outline short- and longer-term solutions, reducing waiting times, clearing out backlogs, and improving the overall quality of services provided to Canadians.”

Given the Trudeau government’s performance on every file it touches, Canadians currently camp out at passport offices, lining up in the faint hope of obtaining or renewing one may be somewhat skeptical about this latest news. Nevertheless, it’s at least a step up from Transport Minister Omar Alghabra’s remarkable observation last month that massive line-ups at major Canadian airports such as Toronto’s Pearson were not the result of staff shortages or vaccine mandates but because passengers had forgotten how to line up since the start of the pandemic two years ago.

For health care, whether waiting hours in emergency rooms to be seen by a doctor or enduring some of the most extended medical wait times in the industrialized world for operations, tests, and treatments. Given that health care is a joint responsibility of the federal and provincial governments, perhaps a joint federal-provincial task force can fix that, although we doubt it.

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