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Market Capture And The Liberal Economy

Market Capture And The Liberal Economy

Today the state of the world is in many ways an objective perpetuation. For years leading into the state the world is, the synthesis of the adequacy must deplete the seminal representation of an ordinary process. However, much of which is a sentimental way perforates the ability to know and not know. Just having barely scratched the surface, the systematic ill effects of the overbearing of market behavior has seen its shares of ups and downs, and as we see the growth of economies in terms of its economic and military power, the market capture today has become a hot topic.

The market capture relates the way markets behave according to consumer reaction and behavior on an overall metric, and this rule hasn’t seen any unlikeness pertaining to it as a form of economically debatable concern. Markets behave according to laws of statistics and economics, and a further downtrend would indicate that the shift, as indicated mostly by empirical reasoning, would end up foul word of mouth. The rhetoric behind what we see is the perception of what we observe; in simpler terms, we have got to know the science behind most of the different cases of market behavior and reaction to changes in consumer pattern and psychology trends. The effects can easily be counted, and as is with anything perceivable, the amount of data going into the basis of understanding how to capture a market leads us to the answer which raises the question, why haven’t the science of capturing a market for a certain section or demographic become an issue as important and as simple as drinking water?

Market capitulate along with its grasp of the strength to the capture of certain sectors of the economy are going to remain constantly progressing such as with the government and public sector while other branches of government that ensues public-private partnership are growing in numerous ways unthinkable. Meanwhile, we can’t ignore the ever-growing prominence of the private sector industry and the employment along with the flow of money it generates. The economic background known to have pervaded due to bleak reports of growth suggests the need to demolish business-minded unethical practices that puts the full stop over the entirety of trade and tricks of business modeling.

The utopic vision of a liberal economy where the laws adhere to the core tents of belief of the right to equality is held as the most basic form of idealism. A liberal economy will have, if it has, the input of everyone involved in a pattern as equal as the being of the individualistic identity of each individual as a single source of information going rounds in pattern. We haven’t realized in any form of grievances as this is a form of idealization, and ideals are the profound rules we ascertain to understand within us and the environment. To further delve into the immediate concern and that is of the pandemic and how it’s affecting businesses worldwide, new ways to tackle the crisis have emerged, and the slow growth of some sectors are giving way to the growth of some of the very unusual ones, which wouldn’t have taken place without any prior indication.

Markets are continually ascending and descending in terms of metrics such as the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) or nominal GDP or GDP per capita, but lives haven’t stopped. Yet the world population is growing, deforestation continues, and global warming raises the alert level up to the maximum. So what are the factors of market capture are in times such adverse as this pandemic? First of all, let’s look at how the medicare business has gone through unnecessary fluctuations and how these variances have affected the ordinary individual for some whom a day’s meal has become the hardest thing in the world. Today the face mask business is in boom as strict covid regulation forces us in persuasion to wear a mask and main social distancing protocols.

Secondly, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), the FDA, and the Serum Institute have forged a combined alliance to vaccinate the populace of the word, but we see an ambiguous pattern in the way various variants of the coronavirus are evolving with greater immunity to the host cell. Yet the rates are dropping, and we see a downtrend of the pandemic, which will be as projected eliminated within very few years to come, if not months. So with the very minute possibility, we begin to maximize the resources and minimize the undoing of what cannot be held towards us.

Market capture is totally in a different field of the arena from the current scenario, as the capture of markets involves competition among all the participants, be it the consumers themselves or the businesses offering them service via product development, merchandising, and selling of other equipment and devices or on pure basis services itself such as the food, retail industry, and the e-commerce industry. However, who can forget the digital and social media, through which campaigns can be generated to keep up with the trends and tastes of its devourers and users!

The grim fact remains that we are in a time of COVID from which there is no escape, and vaccination is the way out. While social distancing and other safety measures put us in a safe place, the safety, at last, isn’t guaranteed, but the fact remains the order of things before the pandemic and soon after it will be over will remain the same. The only real way out is to ride this pandemic out with grit and determination, and without which, we wouldn’t be able to carve an opening into a pandemic-free world. But this ensures us with the availability of resources of the mental faculty and the money available to ride the pandemic out no matter how it has affected the region and places.

Market capture, even in times of COVID-19, has meant that the demand is there, but it is only changing its forms, and hence today, we have a world where the trends in the supply curve are relevantly more dominated by factors of attenuation of consumer demand and how the supply side is doing everything it can to meet it.

Engr. Samin Shadman Zahir
Contributor, The InCAP

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