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Toyota Bangladesh Launched Three New Vehicles

Toyota Bangladesh Launched Three New Vehicles
Photo Credit: Toyota Bangladesh

Toyota’s most popular automotive manufacturer has recently launched three new models on the same platform. The three vehicles are Toyota Avanza, Toyota Raize, and Toyota Veloz. Since Toyota Bangladesh’s launch in 2006, Avanza has become a famous model among Bangladeshi automobile sectors. Its 1.5L engine is fuel-efficient and offers seven seats, suitable for larger families. So, Toyota Bangladesh Launched Three New Vehicles.

The vehicle has a 180mm ground clearance and enough additional items and luggage capacity. It is a great selection for families who love long drives outside Dhaka. The new third-generation Avanza provides more value for money because it offers more features and exclusive design enhancements for its latest model.

The new Avanza has an updated exterior featuring split-type LED headlamps for the vehicle’s body. The overall surface looks much more extensive, sharper, and bolder presence than the previous models. The 1.5-liter engine produces approximately 105 horsepower and 138 Nm of torque. However, even though it’s not a sports car, an MPV’s job is to transport people and cargo. Therefore, torque is an essential requirement for a car’s size. The third generation Avanza will expense users Tk35 lakhs from the dealers.

The Toyota Raize is a little SUV featuring a 1L turbocharged engine and a New Direct Drive CVT transmission. This combination provides the driving pleasure of a 1.5-liter engine and smooth and fast acceleration with the bonus of outstanding fuel efficiency. This vehicle is for those who love the outdoors and feel the necessity to live urban life. The cost of this compact SUV is Tk34 lakh. Navana Limited confirms that they are featuring a 1.2L version of this vehicle as soon as possible.

The Toyota Veloz presents three driving modes Normal, Sports, and Eco Mode. It is a 1.5L seven-seater with a CVT transmission. The seven-seater features 190mm of ground clearance and dual A/C comfort. The Veloz is very similar to the Avanza regarding practicality and functionality. Toyota focused mainly on comfort and convenience while providing passengers with a roomy cabin.

However, it shares the same issue as the Avanza with its third-row seats. It is too tight for taller passengers, and by tall, I mean anyone above 5’5. The vehicle comes with a 16-inch alloy with synthetic leather trim, push start, and a wireless phone charger, which will cost Tk41 lakh.

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