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Dine On The Air: Flydining Welcomes Foodies In Bangladesh

Imagine your experience is a combination of thrill with the delight of a good meal. Along with that, you are near to the moon and sky with a stunning view while dining. Sky Dining is one of the unique dining experiences in the world. 

For the first time in the history of Bangladesh, the company called Your Travel Limited is going to launch a sky-dining restaurant in a tourist place, Cox’s Bazar, a southeastern district of Bangladesh, by taking inspiration from many countries abroad. The company built the hanging restaurant, popularly known as “Fly Dining,” to promote tourism in Bangladesh. This is really called for the celebration to Bangladesh. 

What’s On Offer?

Officially, this restaurant announced that customers would be completely safe while enjoying their meals, 160 feet above the ground. To ensure the customer’s safety, the restaurant uses seat belts that are attached to deck chairs. The safety measurement is certified by the German Team of Expertise. Under their package, the food lovers will get to relish the experience of an open sky dining while enjoying the top view of the beach and its surroundings for one to one-and-a-half hours, including the time to board, ascent, feast, and descent. The deck is attached to the head of a special crane, made with aluminum and steel, to lift the guests to air. The location of this fly-dining restaurant provides the best view of the city, as it is located next to the longest sea beach in the world. However, keeping in mind the safety of tourists, this ride will not be available to some people, including pregnant women and children below 13 years of age. Also, the maximum weight of a person that it can carry is 150 kg. Additionally, carrying bags are not allowed, but cell phones are.

How Much Do You Have To Pay To Experience It?

With a capacity of 20 diners, the restaurant is expected to cost around 4,000-8,500 BDT per person. 

How Was The Guest’s Experience? 

One diner said, “It’s one of the things you want to keep on your bucket list, and you want to get it done, and it was an amazing experience altogether.” Another diner said, “So many places I went for dinner or lunch, but I didn’t go like this. This is my first experience, and I enjoyed it a lot because we were sitting in the open air. It was awesome for us”.

Among others, there are three more diners of the restaurant who shared their experience. They said they were amazed by the experience. “We felt like sitting on a plane, with our seat belts on. At first, we were scared, but once we saw the view from above, we were delighted,” said Jasim, a diner.

On The Inauguration Day:

At the event, it is informed that the guests would be lifted into the air by a special crane made of aluminum and steel attached to the deck. While dining, the restaurant staff will serve customers’ ordered food on a hanging deck. It was inaugurated by the Mayor of Cox’s Bazar municipality Mujibur Rahman at Sugandha Beach Point on November 30, 2021. Chittagong division Additional DIG of Police Md Muslim Uddin, Cox’s Bazar Tourist Police (SP) Md Zillur Rahman, and restaurant owner Nawab Fayez Abu Bakkar Khan also spoke at the event. Tony Alal Karim, A Bangladeshi chef, and hotelier, is in charge of the restaurant’s food and hospitality management.

However, previously, an announcement was made on social media that the restaurant is going to open its doors on February 1, 2021, but unfortunately, due to the covid pandemic, the inauguration was delayed. All the same, the waiting is over for Bangladeshis now. This will be the first time fly-dining experience in the air for the people in Bangladesh. The experience will be different for them indeed. 

History of The Sky-dining:

The unique concept emerged from David Ghysels, the owner of a marketing and communications company, with his partner Stefan Kerkhofs, who created an aerial-based dinner in Belgium in 2017 for the first time in the world. Shortly afterward, Ghysels and Kerkhofs began receiving phone calls from people worldwide who wished to replicate their aerial dinner concept. First, Ghysels said, “People were getting bored with just going to the same old restaurants.” Then, his thought gave him an idea to enjoy dining differently. 

By following their unique vision, entrepreneurs worldwide discover air dining to bring an adventurous dining experience for the people. Currently, Flydining is operating in more than 66 countries like Dubai, the USA, India, Australia, Mexico, etc. It is to mention that all-sky ridings are operating safely. Therefore, everybody should experience this remarkable adventure!

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