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Editor’s Lens: September 2021 | Nasrin Nahar Jeneva


The whole world has been in turmoil for the last few days. Something is happening every day that is directly related to politics and business. The problem is that these are 67 percent worse facts for the global economy. In this situation, it is better to pay close attention to the financial situation of yourself and the organization. Therefore you need a financial expert immediately if you don’t have at least one yet. In this edition, we have addressed these issues in detail. No matter how small or large your company is, you definitely need a professional accountant or financial expert, or CFO, no matter how you greet it.

For a hint, I like to say that what has significantly changed is that the CFO of today and of the future must be able to take financial data and use it to influence operational decision-making and strategy. CFOs must possess many more skills than just the technical accounting background of the past. Today’s CFOs are also effectively Chief Operating Officers in addition to their finance role. They are business partners to the CEO, who help guide and influence decision-making using the financial context as an integral driver of such choices.

Inside the September edition of The InCAP magazine, read our exclusive interview with Mr. Masud Khan, Chairman of Unilever Consumer Care Limited, and find out his majestic corporate journey along with a biographical touch. Discover the best assets to invest your money in for 2021, plus how high-net-worth individuals are savvy with their finances. If you are involved in business in any way, then this issue is a must for you. Do not miss reading the features named ‘Four faces of the CFO’, ‘Why You Need A CFO’, and ‘Life of A CFO: 3 Case Studies’. Don’t forget two names, Muhammed Mehdi Hasan Chowdhury and Mahmudul Hasan; I promise, something great is waiting for you.

Check out every single detail about the E-commerce business, like business model, profit-making policy, and growth analysis, through our Scratch section. My personal recommendation for the young entrepreneurs is to read the feature ‘8 from 8’ carefully; here you get eight guidelines from eight young e-commerce entrepreneurs.

For a touch of mental luxe, take your pick from ‘Book Recommendation’ and plan your escape to your ancient and thirsty mind. Moreover, our ‘Punches’ will strike on the door of your mind like every time.

Be safe, be blessed. Happy reading!

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