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Five Countries in The World Without Any Airport

Five Countries in The World Without Any Airport
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This may sound wondering that the world still has no airports in five countries. Here are five independent states worldwide that do not have airports, but there is at least one heliport, and the list is all small European countries – Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City. The article is about Five Countries in The World Without Any Airport. Let’s read on:

1. Andorra: 

Andorra is a tiny, independent principality between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. However, it’s known for its ski resorts and a tax-haven status that encourages duty-free shopping. Capital Andorra la Vella has boutiques and jewelers on Meritxell Avenue and several shopping centers.

Although there is no airport in Andorra, there are three private helipads or helicopter landing ports. In addition, the country has a hospital helipad. Construction of the national helipad was underway but is currently stalled. The nearest airport in the country is located in Spain.

2. Liechtenstein:

There is no airport in this European country. There is only one helipad in the southern city of Baltis. The nearest international airports are located in Switzerland and Germany. Liechtenstein is a German-speaking, 25km-long principality between Austria and Switzerland. 

It’s known for its medieval castles, alpine landscapes, and villages linked by a network of trails. The capital, Vaduz, a cultural and financial center, is home to Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, with modern and contemporary art galleries. 

3. Monaco:

Although there is no airport, there is a heliport in Fontville The nearest airport is in Nice, France. Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city-state and microstate on the French Riviera infrequent kilometers west of the Italian region of Liguria, in Western Europe, on the Mediterranean Sea. 

4. San Marino:

There is no airport in San Marino. However, there is a heliport in Borgo Maggiore. Besides, Torres has a tiny airfield with a runway length of 2,230 feet. The closest airport is in Italy. San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by north-central Italy. Also, it retains much of its historic architecture among the world’s oldest republics. On the slopes of Monte Titano sits the capital, also called San Marino, known for its medieval walled old town and narrow cobblestone streets. 

5. Vatican City:

The size of Vatican City suggests that it is impossible to have an airport here. Its area is only 17 square miles. However, there is a helipad at its western end. It is used by heads of state and government officials. The nearest airport is in Rome, Italy.

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