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IT Industry in Bangladesh

IT Industry in Bangladesh
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There are around 1 million workforces in the IT industry of Bangladesh. But such a human resource is not sufficient for the rapidly growing IT sector. Since the skills and knowledge required for the IT sector are not taught in the traditional education system of the country, several IT-related skill development institutes and programs were introduces for the skill development. So the editorial contains IT Industry in Bangladesh.

Whatever, EdTech platforms, including, Udemy, Masterclass, Coursera, and Skillshare for skill-based education have been trendy worldwide for the decade. Although the rise of EdTech began with academic studies, dedicated skill-based EdTech platforms like Programming Hero, Learn, Repto, and E-Learning started their operation.

Several young champs of the country now work as full-time IT experts or freelancers after taking courses from different institutes. This is because the ways of learning are effective. But the question is, how are these platforms reshaping the IT industry of Bangladesh?

World Bank reported in 2021 that Bangladesh’s unemployment rate was 5.2%. On the contrary, university graduates make up 46% total unemployment rate, which is increasing yearly. Even many of unemployed adolescents have studied Computer Science-related subjects, the curriculum in Bangladesh is theoretical and specifies minimal focus on students’ skills. 

Moreover, there aren’t enough hackathons or competitions for skills at the university or national level, hence, many students don’t have the qualities they need to get a job even after completing their graduation. Individuals in this industry must have one or more skills to survive in the IT industry. But Bangladesh’s traditional education system does not teach much of those skills. Even the IT industry is one of the most promising sectors in Bangladesh, there are not enough skilled IT workers yet trained there.

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