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Shakib Al Hasan Sued Banglalink And Jamuna Bank

Banglalink, Jamuna Bank Received Legal Notice by Shakib Al Hasan
Photo Courtesy: Cricbuzz

Cricketer Shakib Al Hasan served a legal notice to Banglalink and Jamuna Bank Ltd on July 24, 2022, asking them to refrain from displaying and exploiting his image and brand for commercial purposes without his approval, in violation of an agreement. Lawyer Ashraful Hadi sent the legal notice on behalf of Mr. Shakib to the Chief Executive Officer of Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd. and the Managing Director of Jamuna Bank Ltd. They asked them to pay Tk. 5.8 crore as the cost of preliminary damages in seven days. The article contains Shakib Al Hasan Sued Banglalink And Jamuna Bank.

Given the public image of Mr. Shakib, Banglalink entered into an agreement with him on January 21, 2014. However, the two-year agreement expired on January 20, 2016, and it was not renewed, said the lawyer quoting the notice.

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